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Rhodes 22


Thru-Bolting Harwdware

I use a wonderful piece of hardware called a "barrel bolt".

There are two sizes that are useful on the Rhodes 22, the one with 10- 24 UNC threads and the one with 74-20 UNC threads. Imagine a round Phillips head machine screw; but instead of an external thread, imagine a short section of internal threads inside of a smooth cylinder (the barrel) below the Phillips head. The barrel is sized such that the OD is a slip fit into the next size larger flat washer for use as a backing plate. Thus, the 10-24 UNC barrel bolt fits the nominal 74-inch ID fender washer and the 74-20 UNC barrel bolt fits the nominal ?-inch ID fender washer.

To thru bolt a piece of hardware into the cabin, drill a inch diameter hole at the location of each thru bolt. Tape up the hole on the inside and fill in the hole with epoxy. The epoxy will prevent water migration into the fiberglass laminate around the thru bolt holes and prevent any core material from getting water logged or crushed. When the epoxy has cured, remove the tape, and re-drill the holes using a clearance drill for the size screws you will be using. Dry fit the hardware to determine the correct length for the screws and trim them to fit. Sometimes, with a small piece of hardware, you will need to trim the OD of the fender washers so they don't overlap each other. A Dremel Multitool and/or bench grinder is handy for this although a hand file will get the job done eventually as well.

Using your favorite sealant caulk and stainless steel fender washers on the inside as backing plates, do your final assembly. You'll be left with nothing showing on the inside except the fender washers and the heads of some round head machine screws. Definitely not a head- banger and as mechanically strong as any thru-bolted hardware installation.

You might be able to purchase barrel bolts from a well-stocked local marine supply dealer. If you can't find them locally; then, you can purchase nickel-plated barrel bolts from:

Beckson Marine, Inc.
165 Holland Ave.
Box 3336
Bridgeport, CT 06605

They are typically sold in blister packs of 25.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium

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