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Centerboard Cap Gasket Sources

I'm about to reinstall my centerboard and am now trying to find a replacement for the gasket material that was used to seal the well cap. The old one appears to be made from relatively dense gray foam strips that were about 1 inch wide, and after compression, about 1/8 inch thick. The people at Boat US, and West Marine don't seem to know, and both have recommended going to a camp trailer store because they think the material looks like the strips they say are used between a pick up side rail and a camper unit installed in the cargo bed.

Any ideas?


We use 3/16" Neoprene gaskets that are available for $50 pre-cut including shipping.

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Sealing your centerboard gasket trunk against the intrusion of sea water under relatively low pressure isn't a tough gasket problem.

I would recommend a relatively soft (say about 20-30 durometer) neoprene, urethane, butyl rubber, or Viton gasket material in about 1/4" thickness. An industrial rubber supply house will sell you any of the above by the square foot. You will cut it to final shape with a Stanley knife.

I don't think I'd trust the foam weather-stripping they put under the cap on a pick-up truck. That seal only has to seal against incidental seepage.

Look in the Yellow Pages under "Plastics-Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Etc. Supply Centers" for a supplier in your area. The supplier in my area is:

Exotic Rubber & Plastics
10341 Hercules Drive
Freeland, MI 48623

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium

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