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Centerboard Trunk Leak

I think I found the leak! Inside the centerboard trunk on my '86 there is a "V" shaped stop on the aft end for the centerboard to rest against. It is held in place by 2 screws through the trunk. Those screws were not sealed, and the port one looks like it was the source of the leak.

So, I'm going to build up the outside of the centerboard trunk in the area with glass and epoxy to seal it up, and remount everything. I'll repaint the centerboard and well, and replace the pendant and pendant tube while I'm at it.

Boy, what a relief! I just wish I'd found it early enough to get everything dried out, painted, epoxied, and put back together before the KY lake trip. Oh well... look for Robin and me on New Song and sometimes Blew Daze, instead! John and Nell and Pamela and Alex have been gracious enough to offer rides.

Doug Gardner
s/v Fretnaught
08 Jun 2000

I have an '86 Rhodes 22. The centerboard/keel seems to leak quite a bit. Have a bilge pump and it keeps up. Also, want photos of interior of others from this year to refinish inside.

1. Has anyone had leaking problems? How did you fix it? 2. Anyone with pictures of the interior? How do you get exact replacement parts?

20 Jun 2000

The leak can be one of three things:

  • 1. Centerboard pennant tube (hose) leaking. Fix: replace hose.
  • 2. Centerboard cover gasket. Fix: replace gasket - available from GB.
  • 3. Screws that penetrate the sides of the centerboard trunk that hold plastic piece that keeps the centerboard from rattling around when in the up position (not on all boats). Fix: Epoxy holes for screws to seal.

All of the above require pulling some of the interior out. Not hard, just remove several phillips head screws. Might be a good idea to open up the interior before you take the boat out of the water so you can see where the water is coming from.

To repair items 2 or 3 you must take the boat out of the water or you will get to test how the foam floatation works.

It is also possible that the water is coming from some place other than the centerboard. For instance the cockpit drain hose located in the lazerette. Or a through hull for a knot meter. I'd check these two prior to tearing the interior apart. If these are the source of the problem, you need to take the boat out to repair them.

Follows are some web address where you can find some interior pictures. http://pathfind.net/rhodes22/index.html http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=37051&a=237597 http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=16166&a=63582

Good luck,

Minneapolis, MN
20 Jun 2000

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