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Centerboard Malfunction

OK all you tech types out there. My centerboard is not going down all the way and the control line (pendant) runs freely. Any ideas on what could be hanging it up and what to do about it. Stan, are you out there?

Jerry Stouffer
26 May 1998

How do you know it is not going down all the way?


Fair question. To answer, the centerboard pendant (control line) only runs 17 inches in total and by the last two or three inches the centerboard feels like it is buoyant and then the centerboard makes a dull thump. I have checked the other Rhodes in the marina and they all use at least a yard of their lines. So what to do?


Next fair question: Do you have a diamondboard-type centerboard or the earlier style? I do not recall. The line on a diamondboard, if set up on a one-to-one direct pull, goes less than 2 feet.

Did your board go down more than 17" at first? Have you noticed any difference in sailing characteristics? If not, wait until you are ready for bottom painting and then, with the boat in the air or the centerboard cap off, take a better look. Of course you could always visit us.

31 May 1998

I am in the process of re-installing my centerboard. It pivots on a 1" pin and the pin is free to slide up and down in a slot in the centerboard trunk. I would have to guess that there is foreign debris hung up inside the centerboard trunk or the rope has jammed between the case and the centerboard. There is nothing else in there.

Stan showed me the way the centerboard control line used to be attached through a pulley system to gain mechanical advantage, but mine had been changed to a simple termination on the centerboard plate, then down to the centerboard pulley and up through the drain line. Simple, but a little heavier than on some boats. Still no problem with that setup and hardly a way to jam up and not come down, but it could happen.

Alex Bell

Sounds like you will be taking the centerboard trunk apart. Someone else will have to help you there. If you are anywhere near salt water, when is the last time anti-fouling was used up there? Perhaps the pin jammed and needs reseating or replacement.


I pulled the boat out of the water today and had it lifted in a travel sling. I found that the block that is screwed to the centerboard trunk top had one of the bail ends lose a screw and the block slid down the control line and jammed it.

I was able to get it back together and now the centerboard works as it should. I hope the new screw holds, if not Iíll have to open up the top of the trunk and re-epoxy the screw holes. If it holds this season it will make a good winter project at the end of the season.

My boat is an Ď88 so I suspect it is not a diamondboard. I am not so sure that the board ever went as far down as it does now. Thanks for getting back to me but I don't think a visit will be necessary.

Jerry Stouffer

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