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Centerboard Removal

My boat is a 1986 model with the Triad single axle trailer. Question: Can the centerboard be removed from the boat while the boat is on the trailer or will it need to be jacked up?

Bill Sparhawk
Spokane, WA

It can be removed any place except in the water. You have to remove the board that supports the cushion on the port side (the entry step back to the v-berth), then the little access plate, then the board that covers the centerboard well. Remove about 50 or so screws and remove the cap (what I carried around Annapolis that night). Once the cap is removed, you can remove the centerboard (up into the cabin). Be careful, it is heavy. Also, support it in the up position before you start. It is not an easy task. There is a line that runs from outside the hatch through a tube and a block to the centerboard.

Cam Whetstone

If your boat is like mine (87) you take the centerboard out through the cabin, and do not have to jack anything. It requires removal of the seating area, drawer, vertical supports for the floor, carpeting and the floorboard filler around the centerboard trunk. Then you remove something like 2,500 screws around the trunk to allow removal of the cap. Remove cap by prying and carefully separating cap from rubber gasket. There is also the centerboard control line to contend with, so you have to remove the drain hose from the cap and pull it through.

Once cap is out of the way, the centerboard is ready to pull out. You should be able to pull it up using the control line through the pulley on the centerboard. Of course the centerboard is weighted at the lower end.

I removed mine this spring, and I could find no easier way to accomplish it. I found that the self-tapping screws used would strip out when reassembling, so I used a combination of more screws and nuts and bolts. I may have overdone it, but then that's my standard procedure. If a little is good, a lot must be better.

Alex Bell

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