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Centerboard Cap Repair

We had to remove everything from the cabin. Then we removed the base for the settee that runs from the hatch back to the v-bunk. There was a support under the base that we removed also. We lifted the square panel for access to the bilge, and removed the screws and removed the plank running back from the access hole to the hatch. Then we removed many screws and the cap came off.

We had to remove the block attached to the cap for raising the centerboard; then we had the cap in our hands. We cleared the centerboard so it would drop again, and found no other damage. We thought about repairing the old centerboard cap, but decided to get a new one. That way we could trust its integrity. Now we have to drill the 50 or so holes in the cap, either buy some more of the screws we took out, or tap the well top for the screws Stan brought up to the show.

Cam Whetstone

The '79 that Sue and I have is a Continental. Also regarding leaks. Leaks are like... well you know. Everyone has one. Ours is a constant drip apparently from under the centerboard cap. It's very slow. Someone suggested we trailer the boat (put weight on the keel) and then retighten the cap bolts. Other suggestions or comments?

Weather on the Tennessee River here in Knoxville is questionable but we had s/v 15 South out a couple of weekends ago in 60 degrees with good wind.

Bill Shafer (and Sue)
s/v 15 South

Are you sure you have cap bolts? I have a 1977 Continental, and just pulled the centerboard. The well cap is attached with 90+ pop rivets. They have to be drilled out - not a hard job - as (in my case) all but three were aluminum. The stainless steel rivets are much harder to remove, and I don't recommend them. I also wouldn't replace with bolts, because it will be very hard to get them out in the future.

To permanently repair your leak, I think you will have to remove and re-bed the whole cover while it is on the trailer. However, while it's in the water, I think you could safely tighten an area by replacing rivets one at a time.

My particular problem was a leak through a crack in the middle of the fiberglass trunk cover. I could have repaired from the outside, but the job will be better with work on both sides of the cover - and is easy now that it's off.

Good luck with your repair.

George Staples

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