R 22

Rhodes 22


CB Pendant Tube Leak

I replaced the tube with the same type which was there. Clear plastic tubing.....3/4 inch (I think). I do not know if it was correct or if the PO had installed this type of tube. I took a piece with me when I went to the West Marine store.

The tubing fit onto a through hull fitting, which I used where the tube attached in the cockpit gutter, since my boat does not have a molded in nipple. I shaved down the fitting's flange on two sides to match the shape of the gutter and sealed around it with 4200 sealer. I attached the bottom end with a stainless hose clamp of the appropiate size.

I did have to cut a 3" x 4" inspection hole in the fiberglass under the companion way to access the fitting nut. I will be covering the hole with a piece of bevel edged 1/2" white Kingstarboard. A piece of teak or other stained wood would be just as nice to cover the hole .

My fuse panel is not located in that area. Also, my boat was on the hard at the time. My port side settee and c/b trunk cover were already out, which will be the hardest part of the job.

10 Jan 2003

The inside diameter of the tube on my 1984 boat is 5/8". I use the usual hose clamps on the tube. To tighten the clamp, I use an open end wrench instead of a screw driver. You can easily do this without cutting any fiberglass.

11 Jan 2003

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