R 22

Rhodes 22


Launch Checklist

  • Ramp
  • Check for overhead obstructions.

      1. If none, rig on the hard – then launch
      2. If existing, launch first – then rig
  • Trailer Prep
    1. Park head or tail to wind
    2. Release tie downs and ratchet straps
    3. Block wheels
    4. Lower jack
    5. Disconnect electrical
    6. Disconnect chains
    7. Disconnect Brake Safety
    8. Unhitch and park Jeep away from boat
  • Boat Prep
    1. Stow companionway door
    2. Secure Gas tanks
    3. Mount Rudder/Tiller and tie off to side
      1. Make sure rudder is in raised position
    4. Mount outboard and lock
      1. Raise and tilt!!
  • Mast Mounting
    1. Untie from stern rail and bow pulpit
      1. Leave carpet pads in place
    2. Retie loosely at bow pulpit
    3. Secure Ratchet strap loosely just forward of tabernacle
    4. Remove Mast support from tabernacle
      1. Keep bolt, washers, and wing nut close by.
    5. Carefully slide mast towards bow until foot of mast is at tabernacle
      1. Adjust bow pulpit tie as req’d around spreaders, etc.
      2. Lift mast light over bow pulpit
      3. Force nothing
    6. Make sure Antenna cable and mast light cable exit tabernacle towards bow
    7. Bolt foot of mast into tabernacle
    8. Untie line from bow pulpit and stow
    9. Release ratchet strap and stow
  • Mast Raising Prep
    1. Remove all bungees and ties
      1. Stow all
    2. De-tangle all shrouds
      1. Layout to port and starboard
    3. Tie long ¼" lines to turnbuckles of high side stays
      1. Run through fairleads, 2 wraps around winches, and cleat off.
    4. Open all turnbuckles to seizing holes
      1. Remove all clevis pins and cotter pins
      2. Keep close at hand
    5. Inspect Spreaders
      1. Tighten if necessary
      2. Check that lower shroud mountings are vertical
    6. Make fast lower forward stays
    7. Lay forestay/furling tube along side deck as close to center line as possible
    8. Tie 5/8" line with truckers hitch to stern lifting rings
      1. Center of truckers hitch 1’ over the rail
    9. Clip dead end of come along to truckers hitch
    10. Release 10’ of come along cable
      1. Re-engage come along ratchet
      2. Mast crutch should be leaning towards bow 15 – 20°
    11. Tie mast crutch to cabin top grab rails eye bolt towards bow.
      1. Make sure crutch can’t slide
    12. Place carpet pads under mast crutch ends.
    13. Attach live end of come along to eye bolt
    14. Attach topping lift to eye bolt
      1. Inspect topping lift for wear.
    15. Tighten topping lift and cleat off.
    16. Place traveler on lazarette hatch.
  • Mast Raising
    1. Sit to side opposite furling tube
    2. Ratchet down come along
    3. Adjust ¼" lines from High Sides to keep mast centered.
      1. Readjust as mast is raised
    4. Watch for any shrouds hanging up on deck hardware.
  • Mast Securing – When mast is vertical
    1. Secure back stays into stern chain plates
      1. Insert traveler into sockets
      2. Thread Rear stay tensioning line and secure
    2. Secure forestay to bow chain plates
    3. Secure lower aft shrouds to inside chain plates
      1. Tighten turnbuckles
    4. Secure upper port and starboard shrouds
      1. Tighten turnbuckles
    5. Remove Come along from topping lift and truckers hitch.
      1. Stow in Jeep
    6. Remove Mast Crutch
      1. Stow in Jeep
    7. Tension all shrouds appropriately
    8. Seize all turnbuckles with Cotter Pins
      1. Tape over pins

  • Finishing and Rigging
    1. Mount boom to mast
      1. Run furling line through boom and out hole in bottom
      2. Cleat off and coil remainder
      3. Secure topping lift to bent tang
      4. Secure fiddle block to staright tang
      5. Sheet in boom to center
    2. Rig Outhaul
      1. Through outhaul car
      2. Through block on clew of main
      3. Through outhaul car again
      4. Through block on end of boom
      5. Cleat off and coil remainder
    3. Rig Genoa furling line
      1. Wrap a few times clockwise around drum
      2. Run through 2 pad eyes on fore deck
      3. Run through padeye on cabin top
      4. Through fairlead
      5. Cleat off and coil excess
        1. Hang coil on grab rail
    4. Rig Genoa Sheets
      1. Untie half hitch at bottom of tube
      2. Leave a couple of wraps around genoa
      3. Run outside of all shrouds, unless planning to reef
      4. Run through fairleads, around winch, and cleat off loosely
    5. Put out cockpit cushions
    6. Stow toolbox and any other loose gear.
    7. Center tiller and tie off


  • Launching
    1. Un-tape and Uncoil Trailer brake hydraulic line
    2. Extend Tongue
      1. Re-pin Tongue
    3. Hitch Up to Jeep
    4. Raise Jack
    5. Make sure swim ladder is raised and secured
    6. Remove wheel chocks – Store in Jeep
    7. Open rear door of Jeep
    8. Put Jeep in 4 wheel drive Low
    9. Back down launch ramp close to dock until bunks are under water
    10. Put Jeep in Park
    11. Set Emergency Break
    12. Board Boat
    13. Put out fenders dockside
    14. Secure Dock Lines loosely
    15. Release trailer winch and un-clip
    16. Walk or motor boat off trailer
    17. Secure dock lines
  • Dinghy
    1. Un-mount dinghy from roof of Jeep
    2. Launch dinghy
    3. Tie off to boat
    4. Put motor in dinghy
  • Securing Jeep and trailer
    1. Drive trailer away from ramp
    2. Lower Jack
    3. Chock wheels
    4. Unhitch
    5. Collapse Tongue and repin
    6. Coil and tape hydraulic line
    7. Rehitch.
    8. Raise Jack
    9. Remove chocks
    10. Park Trailer
    11. Chock wheels
    12. Lower jack
    13. Unhitch
    14. Park Jeep
    15. Close all windows and take keys and then lock

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