R 22

Rhodes 22


Chesapeake Launch Ramps

Does anyone have information on good boat ramps on Maryland's Eastern shore with access to the Northern Chesapeake? The location should have ample parking and it is safe to leave the tow vehicle for several days without danger of vandalism.

24 Jun 1998

My wife and I are planning a week-long cruise beginning July 16. Our plans are to launch at Cambridge on the Choptank and head down into the bay. I've spoken to the city basin dockmaster to secure a slip for both the first and last day of the cruise and also to ensure secure parking as well for our van and boat trailer. We too were concerned about the security issue but came away from our meeting feeling very comfortable with our arrangements. This cruise will be our longest so far on our R-22. We've got charts and guides etc. for the area at the ready. Should be a blast.

Ralph Bibbus

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