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Cockpit Cushions

Stan says they store in the gunnels, we have yet to really find a definite storage space for them. They came in four sections and each section has the black plastic support. This makes a total of 8 pieces. Personally, i liked the older design where the wood backing was one piece with the cusion. We store our black plastic backings in the gunnels, but we put the 4 cushions themselves up on the V-berth. If you did want the leave the cushions under the gunnels, you would want to look into wrapping them in some sort of plastic bag so they didn't get wet in the rain. That may be what i try to do with them this year. Hope this helps,

Will Barry
26 Apr 2002

Thought I'd mention our solution to storage of the cockpit fill-in components. They store quite nicely upright, under the gunnels of the cockpit.

When I first tried this, the bottoms got all gungy because they rested in the outer drain channel the R22 has running under the cockpit seats. Refinement was to cut strips of 'anti-fatigue mat' (from Sam's Club) or the more expensive marine dri-deck, to fit in this channel. This allows the water to drain, but keeps gear out of the debris and dirt. Next improvement was to make two sunbrella sacks, each with a center divider. Each sack holds 2 of the fill-in boards.

Now it's very convenient to tuck away the two sacks and four cushions (double stacked), up under the the gunnels keeping all clean and tidy. As an extra, I've numbered the back of the boards in sequence of installation (they're different sizes), and keep boards 1&2 in one bag, and boards 3&4 in another. Sometimes we don't install the board closest to the companionway, making it abit easier to enter/exit the cabin. By organizing the sequence, I don't need to play the trial/error game to install just the aft 3 fill-in boards.

Regards, Pamela
26 APR 2002

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