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Cockpit Storage

Here is what we did. Get a piece of either stainless or aluminum tubing the length of the under seat openings and hang it in a PVC end cap cut in half lengthwise. Use a full end cap for the end fastened to the bulkhead. Cut a short piece of PVC, about 1-2 inches long and use that short piece to slide down the tubing over the lengthwise-cut end cap "hanger" preventing the tubing from inadvertently popping out but still securing all your various gear under the seats. It is a simple and very effective solution. If you would like a sketch let me know and I'll get it to you via mail, fax or whatever. I don't have access to a scanner.

Ralph Bibbus
09 Jun 1998

I like it. Helps with the problem of missing the opposite seat and your feet shooting under. Do you have any problem with the tube in the cockpit (size or it damaging anything)? I just got off the phone for the tube, is the length 6 feet or less? I might use foam cover and plastic plates over the fiberglass, comments. I installed a Rancor fuel filter that might be in the way.


We have several plastic containers under our seats. For aggressive sailing, we have used webbing similar to that used to replace tailgates on pickups. It is easily sewn and snaps on each end make for easy access and no toe jamming.

J. Tonjes
S/V Rum Runner

I checked the boat last night, and I am leaning towards cleats and bungee cords. Where did you mount the snaps?


The snaps (2) are mounted to the deck...one up by the cabin and the other by the lazarette. I used the type with the top that turns off center. Mounted on the ends, keeps everything in place and you don't find them with bare feet when you really don't want to. My wife did the sewing on the webbing. It looks and works really well.

J. Tonjes
S/V Rum Runner

We started out using the 10" high, 5-gallon Rubbermaid "Roughneck" containers for under seat storage. They're not bad; but tend to slip out from under the seat during aggressive sailing.

For the past several years, we've used the Cabela's Boundary Waters Bags. They come in two sizes: 22" x 12" x 12" (CH-51-0117-022) for a bout $25 & 36" x 12" x 16" (CH-51-0117-036) for about $35. Each size bag can be ordered in either Green or Orange. We have both sizes on board Dynamic Equilibrium; but find the larger of the two bags to be the best for under seat storage.

The Boundary Waters Bags are made of a HD nylon reinforced PVC with a wide Velcro storm flap closure over the zipper. There are HD nylon strap handles that completely encircle the bag for extra reinforcement and a snap-on nylon webbing shoulder strap for carrying ashore. These bags are absolutely waterproof - we also use them for white water canoe trips and camping trips with my Boy Scout troop. The bags are soft and moldable to fit into any nook and cranny and are easy on the toes.

We give each member of the crew a large size bag for personal gear. Once stuffed under the seat, the bags don't slip out under any conditions. They also stuff nicely into the odd shaped spaces in the lazarette compartment and under the port side settee and V-berths, with no worries about bilge water sloshing up there.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium

The bags are a nice idea. I think I will get a few for the cabin.

The cockpit storage is being used for the pop-top enclosure, spare lines, foul weather gear, and engine fluids; a work in progress. They seem better suited to a hard sided box. The bags might work better for clothes; might go with a mix.


What's the lazarette used for? It is such a big area it could store almost all the listed items. BTW, has anyone properly vented the lazarette for fuel storage? Finally, since it's in the stern, is weight and balance a factor in what you’re loading in there?

Alex Bell

In general, I use the lazarette to store the "captain’s seats" at the dock and the six fenders away from the dock. I am not a fan of putting any weight back there. I am not a fan of gas back there, either. I use the cockpit for fuel storage, but we’ve been there before.


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