R 22

Rhodes 22


Owners Information Form

"Da List"

An owners list is kept for informational purposes ONLY. "Da List" is maintained by "Rummy", who also distributes it to any owner that requests it (you must have been on the list for at least 30 days) at Rummy's convenience.

This form is supplied only to aid in providing complete information to "Da List". When you "Submit", then the information is e-mailed to Rummy only. The request for the hull number is only to provide a historical record only.

Red denotes mandatory fields

Owner's Name
E-Mail Address
Boat Name
Hull Number
Home Port
Street Address
Signaficant Other
Home Phone
Work/Day Phone
Cell Phone
Other Phone

When you submit, you may see the message being sent, you will need to click on your browse's back button to return

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