R 22

Rhodes 22



GB sells a pop-top enclosure that looks interesting and looks like it would perform a lot of the functions of the more traditional dodger

The pop-top enclosure is great at anchor, but it wouldn't perform well sailing to windward on a breezy cool day, and that's the only time I would want a dodger. Some of my best sailing on the Chesapeake Bay is in the early spring and late fall (no speed boats and no sweat). I've got a wonderful little alcohol heater for the cabin, but I often wish I had a low dodger so I could get out of the wind while sitting in the forward end of the cockpit steering with my tiller extension.

George Staples

Iíve got the pop-top enclosure. It's not a dodger. I would not sail with it up either. It would increase windage. A dry-suit/wet-suit or good foul-weather gear might do better for you.

09 Jul 1998

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