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Electrical Panel

Some day it will warm up again and I can get started on moving my old fuse box to a new location. It looks like many have fuse box over the galley. Any other good locations?

My current box uses fuses; do most of you go with fuses or circuit breakers? The fuse route seems to be less expensive but when trouble shooting problems a circuit breaker makes things easier. Any opinions here?

The wires that go into the current fuse box are too short and I am guessing they are original. My boat is an 84. I would like to replace all of the current wire. I will use old wire to pull new wire. Do the cabin light wires through the headliner pull easy? I plan on using high quality marine grade wire and marine fittings.

Any advice or suggestions?


24 Jan 2003

This is an actual Rhodes answer. Get a copy of "Boatowners Illustrated Handbook of Wiring" by Charlie Wing (BoatUS, West Marine, Amazon, $21). It is the current (no pun) bible on boat electrical systems. I'd read it for you and answer any question but I can't type that fast.

24 Jan 2003

I'm kinda doing the same thing. My '93 came with a 6 switch SeaDog breaker panel, # 422-800. I bought another SeaDog, need more circuits for more toys

I'm planning on using buss bars for the negative and terminal strips for the positive wiring, then primary wire from the terminal strips to the breaker panels. Still uncertain about a mounting location, but have a good sized piece of Starboard, hoping to make a hinged access panel like the bigger boats.

24 Jan 2003

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