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First off to listen and prod stan and Elton, this might be your first boat but it their 1000+ boat, they really know what works and what you need but you have to prod him at times, He might keep quite at times, also watch out for statements that it's best done now or you can add that later, think hard before you override one of those.

With out knowing your budget this is hard:

The state stuff:
Get your numbers before the boat arrives, assume enough time for a pissing contest with DMV, be happy if it does not happen, have them ready to install when the boat pulls up. And please put them on straight :-)

CG: You need 3 CG approved day/night flares, and a life jacket for each person on board, and a class 4 throwable. Cheap: you can get a 3 pack and the $5 maywest (type 2) jackets, and one of throw seat cushion things. Reccommended: buy a prepackaged kit ($50+) with both handheld, smoke and rockets, have the store make up a kit of a bag with the maywests (type 1) and the cushion in it. BTW it pisses off the CG no end it they find them still in the plastic :-) Also get what is needed for the kids. A bit more: inflatable life jackets with built in harness, the small life sling, 3 solaris rockets, 3 solaris handheld, 3 white solaris handheld, and a misc of CG rockets, handhelds and smoke.

You will need two sets, the one that you leave on the dock (their set for your lengths so you leave them) and a set that you leave on the boat, 2 sets of 15 foot 1/2 braided and 2 sets of 25 foot 1/2 braided should get you started. Replace what you use up on the first docking.

A lot o people forget the anchor when they get in trouble. It can save your ass. Get the GB anchor, it will get you started and people have been known to upgrade it after a while. Get 200 feet of "New England" 3 strain, 3/8 size (do not think that 1/2 is better), 10-20 feet of 1/4 inch chain, 5/8 shackles, and wire to put it together.

I would send GB a fixed mounted VHF and antenna, have GB install them, the raytheon ray 53 and GAM antenna are my picks this week. The weather alter ass your ass someday.

Have GB install a bulkhead Saturn, the Palsmo 130 if you want to spend a little more.

Pop top enclosures
Think very stonily about having putting it on, you will like it.

Try to avoid a used motor, it seems any money you save will be taken away by the repair shop, get a new motor.

Small Stuff:
Flashlight, first aid kit, batteries, spare pins and rings, tool kit, ether starting fluid, crab cleaner, clamps and hose splice, fuses, bulbs, nut bolts and screw assortment, toilet paper, paper towels, paddle/boat hook, duct tape, etc...

You might want to add charts and a gps

This is not a complete list of what you will buy in the first year, but will keep you going for a while, The best advise I can give you is stay out of boat stores.

22 Aug 2000

Here is a list of boat upgrades and must haves that came from the KY Lake participants. This focuses more on living additions, to think about if you already have a boat instead of options to get when you purchase a boat. We worked on it for a while, then I forgot all about it. They are in no particular order, But I thought it is finally time to get the list out in front of others for comment and additions. This could be an ongoing project. The clear difficulty is prioritizing these. I don't think it is possible, because everyone has different needs. Maybe we can give some form of guidance as to which of these are "killer additions". As always, these are only opinions. Your needs may be different!

  • 1. Turnbuckle rings instead of cotter pins for standing rigging
  • 2. Cockpit drain plug (must have if entertaining large group in the cockpit)
  • 3. Cushion to extend V berth over the head
  • 4. Bathroom organizers to use in the cabin
  • 5. Cushion for lifting portion of settee by the bulkhead
  • 6. Rail cushions to velcro over stern rail for hiking (standard w/ captain's seats)
  • 7. Storage shelves to organize galley under counter
  • 8. Drawer to fit under the companionway between the galley and centerboard case.
  • 9. Bimini (mixed blessing: boarding is very difficult, and doesn't protect from rain very well)
  • 10. Poptop enclosure: absolute necessity for camping in rain. Get heavy canvas with reinforced seams and corners (NOT Sunbrella)
  • 11. Velcro on cushion backs in cabin to keep from sliding (need pile carpet on hull)
  • 12. Shore power to keep battery charged, etc.
  • 13. Caps to cover the in-floor table bracket
  • 14. Stereo
  • 15. Bumper clips for fast attachment/repositioning of bumpers
  • 16. Sphere bumpers: ideal for rafting, but hard to store
  • 17. Inflatable lifejackets: might actually wear these
  • 18. Anchor Cleat in cabin above rode drawer. Protection for the bitter end.
  • 19. Butane stove: Kenyan style stoves are much nicer for the application than the old style Gaz stoves.
  • 20. New style icebox with ice bin. Eliminates spillage worry. Needs insulation in lid, though.
  • 21. Talkabout radios. These were really nice to have.
  • 22. Fastpins for traveler: eliminate the old style allen screws.
  • 23. Opening port over galley: opening IN so it doesn't catch sheets.
  • 24. Bungies: can't have too many.
  • 25. Mast raising system (w/ the Bell procedure)
  • 26. Foot pump on water system.
  • 27. Mats for under cockpit seats
  • 28. Magma grill
  • 29. Autopilot (this was really neat, but not a must have)
  • 30. Dinghy
  • 31. Horseshoe throwable PFD
  • 32. Bell trailer tongue extension stop
  • 33. Trailer checklist
  • 34. Second (third?) shelf in the head, starboard side
  • 35. Fishnet hammock storage in the v berth
  • 36. Carpet matt with foam backing for wood step down to cabin
  • 37. Suction cup organizers for outside bulk head storage of hand held instruments (were they canvas Pamela?)
  • 38. Tiller cover
  • 39. Amp meter for batteries
  • 40. Galvanized trailer
  • 41. Motor controls on tiller
  • 42. Linkage to connect motor to tiller
  • 43. Fuel tank tie-downs & security cable
  • 44. Flag (nice touch on New Song)
  • 45. Articulated trailer hitch ?? (like Alex's)
  • 46. Safety brake cable
  • 47. Jack heavy enough for boat and trailer with lug wrench


  • 48. Large non-stick skillet
  • 49. Measuring cup & spoons
  • 50. Spatula & ladle
  • 51. Paper towel holder
  • 52. Extra plates, cups & bowls
  • 53. Small salad spinner (also use as colander)
  • 54. More clips for closing bags, plus saran wrap
  • 55. More koozies to keep drinks cold

Other ideas discussed:

  • A) Bungie storage? Possibilities include underside of laz lid or under a seat
  • B) Mosquito net version of poptop enclosure for better ventilation
  • C) Tent enclosure for bimini (see Pamela)
  • D) Real water tank (not a Rubbermaid storage bin)
  • E) Through bolt to support rudder in up position for safe trailering
  • F) Whisker pole
  • G) Anchor light halyard

Douglas Gardner
24 Oct 2000

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