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Hi All, I recieved a boat warming gift that I am quite excited about. I got a Garmin fish finder - the Parania 5. It has a stearn mounted transducer. I have never seen a fish finder on a sailboat-it certinely presents unique challanges. The mounting instructions never said anything about effect of heeling on display. I also have an adversion to drilling holes below the water line. The instructions say that the transducer will work thru some types of hull. I will be doing most of my fishing while on anchor but would like to have a good enough picture of the bottom to know where to anchor for best fishing. Does anyone have any experience w/ Fish finders on a sailboats.

Bob Weber
S/V Ruba
23 May 2002

I just installed a Garmin 260, epoxied the transom mount transducer in the lazarette, about 6'' from the cockpit drain. You should use slow set epoxy. It seems to work just fine. Humminbird has a tech article on this...

Try this link:

Gil Eaton
Closing Time
23 May 2003

We have a GPS Fishfinder combo unit. The transducer is mounted aft between the swim ladder and rudder...a good distance from interference with the motor. The screws are water proofed and the wire itself enters the boat through the lazerette well above water line.

Will Barry
23 May 2002

Yes, I installed one myself. I found it easier to install and superior to the regular digital depth sounders. It gives a depth reading as well as a graphic contour of the bottom and if you turn on the fish ID function you get to see how many fish and what size they are.

For installation make yourself a dam by securing a cut out rim from a large plastic cup to the spot where you want to put the transducer. Us a slow curing epoxy and mix it carefully, avoiding making bubbles. Pour it into the dam and gently rock your transducer into position. Done. Wait overnight and use.

"Rook-Keen" O'day Tempest 23 (Rhodes design)
24 May 2002

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