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Rhodes 22


Flag Halyard

I used two large plastic wire ties. I used one to attach the pully to the spreader, and a second one loosely tied through the pully to the upper stay itself. One holds the pully on the spreader, the other keeps the pully from creepin in toward the mast. This was just a temporary fix till I mounted proper hardware, but upon reflection, what's wrong with it? Those wire ties will outlast the spreaders in all probability.

12 Jun 2001

Why not do it right? The hardest part of the job is lowering and raising the mast. Put in a flag halyard on each spreader. They are great for raising those new virtually powerless anchor lights, as well as a distress flag, owner's burgee, etc.


  • Get two pad eyes
  • two bullet blocks on swivels
  • four pop rivets
  • two cleats to attach to your inner shroud
  • [i'm a little hazy on this one] two lines about 25 feet in length.

Drill two holes in the bottom of each spreader to accommodate the pad eye - about a foot from the tips. Pop rivet the pad eye to the spreader. Install the bullet block, Install the halyard and TIE THE ENDS TOGETHER. After you raise the mast, install the shroud cleats. You can go first class by installing a couple of snap hooks on each halyard to raise your flag/burgee/anchor light.

It took me less than an hour all told.

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
S/V Sea Prompt
12 Jun 2001

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