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For all gadget freaks, and fans of blended beverages... I picked this up on another list and decided it needed to be shared (with my <**> variations)!

Since this group discusses and things that go with (R22s) to make out lives more comfortable, I wanted to let you know about a little gift I bought for glenn...it is a weed eater powered blender... gives new meaning to the words "yard work"...a poulon powered weed eater (24cc 2.25 hp) two stroke engine base, with a 64 oz plastic pitcher...we have had lots of fun with ours... and you can only imagine all the new friends we have made...blend and they will come... believe us...we are still trying to figure out the mpg (margaritas per gallon)...

The web site for the product is www.totallygross.com (young fellow that has the company is named Brian Gross)...we are in now way affiliated with the sale or marketing of this product, but thought that some of you may be interested...

sheri and glenn
sv Lady Ann
18 Aug 2000

I would say that the important features for supplying a weekend is that the meals are easy, hassle-free, compact and as least messy as possible. I do have a Magma (most important).

I have sailed with others male and female who just go shopping on their way to the boat. This is not hassle free, I tell ya. It seems to me to become quite expensive when one does not plan well. But no one seems to know how to do real picnic-style anymore. On these trips, the refrigerators are loaded with packaging, styrofoam and plastic, and I am sure this does not help the efficiency of the refrig, whether it is ice only or electricity. Need I mention space? Naturally, one must have room for plenty of cold beer, etc. I did not see this lack of planning among the Rhodies at Kentucky lake...they seem to have their act together.

Mostly, for these longer trips, I unpackage my meats and freeze them. On the day of the trip, I open the ziplock freezer bag and add a marinade. This way the meat is compact and cold. Usually do fish the first night so it does not stay in frig long, for two obvious reasons. I pre cook the potato, beans or rice dishes and put in ziplocks. With these, I try to make 'em so they do not have to be kept cold if in a pinch. ie, oil based dressings, etc. If the dish will 'cook' in the dressing if mixed too long, I simply put the dressing in a separate smaller, ziplock in the larger one with the rice or potatos, etc. That way if someone else must put the meal together, it is easy to give directions from the cockpit, or the lake!

Of course, I read cooking magazines and books all the time and am constantly on the lookout for recipes that will adapt to my boating demands. I do not have TV, so do not see those wonderful cooking shows. Bet there are some ideas there. I recall there is a grilling show on PBS. I liked that one.

24 Feb 2001

  • 1 lg. or 2 small avacados
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • TBS Fresh lemon juice
  • pinch of salt
  • Hot sauce to taste.
  • 1 or 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 24 oz. tomatoes, diced, canned, or fresh.
  • 1/2 to 1 cup Cilantro, chopped
  • 1 lg. onion, chopped
  • A shot of vinegar (unseasoned rice vinegar is good)
  • a pinch of sugar (depends on acidity of tomatoes)
  • Hot sauce or pepper to taste

Mix all and let steep, the longer the better.

Joanne Wise
K.Wise s/v Awaken
16 Oct 2001

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