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Fuel Economy

Depending on speed/throttle setting, I figure about a gallon per hour with our Yamaha 9.9. It actually comes out slightly less but not by much. That is why I went to the three gallon tank. It just was taking too much time to go through the 6 gallons. Normally we only use the motor for getting into and out of the dock area.

When we plan a long run out to the Atlantic or up and down the intercoastal, I put the six gallon tank back in action.

Bob Quinn on the "NoKaOi"

For what it is worth, I would keep two 3 gallon tanks vs. only one 6 gallon.

That way when you say "^!@#$%%&* the tank is empty" you have a spare and use up all in the tank instead of mixing old with new.

This comes from a man who has 2 six gallon tanks and 1 three gallon. All loaded with a cocktail to keep it stable and passing it through a 2 micron filter.

10 May 2000

Good thought on the use of two 3 gal tanks. As a result of one of your previous posts, I attempted to put a micron filter in line by cutting the hose and clamping in the filter. It was a tight fit and I broke the filter.

Nice mess. Do you use the plastic ones? And how do you get the hose to slip over the flanges without - as I did - breaking the filter? (Two left hands here, don't cha know!!)

12 May 2000

Sounds like you may have mismatched your filter and line size, properly sized filters usually slip in quite easily. Perhaps trying to put a 3/ 8" filter in a 5/16" line? You need to check the Inside Diameter of the line and get a filter for that line size.

Hope this helps,
12 May 2000

I used a Rancor water separation filter with a 2 micron cartridge, I mounted it under the port seats fixed to lazarette wall. When I did it, I replaced all fittings/hose to 3/8" brass with high grade champs, used a quick disconnect on the gas tanks. most likely spent about $100 when said and done.

I was fed up with bad gas at the fuel docks screwing up the motor. My shop charges $65/hour to fix the damage so it was not that hard to justify it. It was most likely overkill (I was getting sick of the problem it was causing) but I am amazed at what is being trapped in the filter.

12 May 2000

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