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Furling Line Lead Blocks

I puty Spinlock rope clutches for our jib furling line and topping lift. Page 832 West Marine 2000 catalog. I like them a lot. They allow me to pull the furling line without releasing the clutch. They can also be locked from an angle straight away. I think they work great.

A friend of mine asked me what would be a good choice for a jib furling system for his Hunter 23. Any ideas? Thanks

Rod Ellner
Toy Blew
14 Feb 2001

My Boat currently has the furling line coming off the tube, down to the deck, and across the cabin to a cam cleat on the cabin top just over the bulkhead grab rail on the port side.

How do others, especially you Michael (my Harken brother) route their furling lines from the drum to the cockpit.

Any opinions regarding Harkens stanchion mount system? Seems smart and out of the way. They recommend a horn cleat though, rather than cam.


Bill Berner

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