R 22

Rhodes 22



On jibing--I was taught in the "old school" where jibing was forbidden. Even race courses had marks changed the day of the race to eliminate the need for jibing. To this day, the only boat I jibe with is my Hobie 16...because of the two hulls it can be difficult to come about in some wind conditions, but I still hate it.


Since you are a wannabe, let me set the record straight. Jibing is a non-event on Rhodes 22s. It belongs in your repertoire.

General Boats

In racing, I have found the trick to a successful jibe is maintaining control of the boom, especially in heavy wind. This is accomplished by pulling in your mainsheet to center the boom as much as possible before the jibe. Communication between the helmsman and the mainsail traveler controller is essential to maintain boat speed in the jibe.


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