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Hatch Installation

Has anyone gotten enough courage to cut a hole in the deck large enough to install a deck hatch? I'm going to remove/move my solar cell and would like to install possibly two hatches, but am somewhat reluctant to cut large holes in the deck. Reluctant might not be a good choice of words. How about "chicken"? I know that many new and renewed boats coming out of Edenton have them, but fear has set in and I'm looking for support.

Rum Runner

If you are talking cutting a hole in the deck, I installed an 11-inch Bomar hatch in my foredeck just aft of the deck cleat and it worked out very well. It can be left open while sailing and it lets in air so the v-berth doesn't get so hot also it lets in light so the cabin looks larger.

Just remember to measure twice and cut once. I used 3M 4200 to seal it with so if necessary it could be removed and also it stays flexible.

If you're talking cabin top the same rule apples measure twice cut once.

S/V Don't Panic

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