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Rhodes 22


Headsail Size Determination

If I measure the foot of the jib and the distance from the headstay chainplate to the mast base, will that give me the jib size (i.e. 150% vs.175%)?

Bill Shafer
s/v 15 South

From the Neil Pryde web pages, here's what they say about headsail sizes:

Overlap-(L.P.) Luff perpendicular expressed as a percentage of "J" (the distance from the bow to the mast) this figure indicates the size of a specific genoa. Standard sizes are:
  • #1 - 150%
  • #2 - 135%
  • #3 - 105%
  • #4 - 80%

The LP is a perpendicular line measured from the luff to the clew. So for the R22, "J" is 8.8 ft. The standard 175% genoa has a LP of 15.4 ft. A 110% jib would have a LP of 9.7 ft.

Hope this helps.

Gary Sanford
s/v Raven

There is another way to go for your 1972 boat. Call Bacon & Associates, Inc. 116 Legion Ave, PO Box 3150, Annapolis, MD 21403. Phone 410-263-4880. They have an enormous stock of used sails, many raced only one season. They might the largest sail dealer in the USA, but even if they are not, they are still well up there.

Use these parameters for your mainsail:

  • I = 25.50
  • J = 9.00
  • P = 22.00
  • E = 9.00

You can get a serviceable used sail there at a fraction of the new sail price [like 1/2 or 3/5, those type of fractions.] This may be just the ticket for your older boat, unless, of course, you devote your entire waking energies to retrofitting it and making a custom vessel.

You will have to ask them how to measure for the jib. I'm sorry, I lost that information when my computer crashed. Naturally, you might not get lucky on the jib, so you might have to have the local loft sew the proper tape on the luff of the jib to match your roller furler. Again, if the boat doesn't have a roller furler, you can save the expense by having a normal hanked on jib, and a jib storage bag. It will still sail fine, but then you might want to also invest in a working jib.

Hope this gives you another line of thinking.

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
23 Mar 2002

One place to start for sail measuring terminology is:


Ed K
25 Mar 2002

Luff = mgf dimension 21' 4" max, Doyle = 21' only
Foot = mfgr. 8.5 max, DOYLE = 8' 2"

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
24 Apr 2002

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