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I'm not a qualified Rhodes historian, but I'll give it my best shot: The Rhodes Continental is the same boat as the R22. I don't know what year the name was changed to the R22, but the boats I know that were built in the 70s are designated RC, and the ones I know from the 80s are R22s.

They really are the same basic boat, except there have been various minor changes introduced over the years. Hull shape is completely unchanged. Cosmetically, not much has really changed. There have been various changes to interior layout and materials over the years (such as the enclosed head, material selection, etc.) The newer boats are a bit heavier than the older boats. 1980s era boats are typically listed at 2700lbs displacement. New boats are listed at 2900.

Very old boats have a rope traveller. GB introduced the tube based traveller in the 70s sometime, I believe. I think the IMF rig became an option in the early 80s.

The diamond shaped centerboard came along in the 90s. Perhaps even the late 90s.

Maybe someone else will chime in with better dates and more detail, but I think this is a pretty good overview.

Doug Gardner
s/v Fretnaught ('86)
07 Mar 2002

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