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Re insurance: I pay $138 per year through the "good hands" people, Allstate New Jersey Insur Co. This is for a 1987 boat in what was rated as excellent condition, located on an inland lake in New Jersey. Coverage includes the boat, motor, trailer, medical, emergency service ($100 cap) and $300,000 liability. Allstate accepted the NADA Marine ratings for boat and equipment values. There is a $250 deductible on the boat and equipment.

Hope this helps

Warren Gehrig
01 Aug 2000

In response to your question about sailing with a dog. We spent many a night with our german shep/aussie shep mix aboard our Rhodes. He was not wild about the heeling but he would plant himself in the stern under the tiller and the cushion gave him enough traction to keep from sliding back and forth. We were able to get close enough to shore for a shallow wade to the boat and as the dog never got comfortable wwith going from the boat to the water, I would lift him off the side of the boat and carry hime ashore. Also saved the wet dog smell. That was in WV where the lakes are rather small and the wind puffy... not a sailor's paradise but the love of sailing kept us on the water. We are now in costal N Carolina and the boat is again perfect for weekend cruising and I even sail to work on occasion. The Rhodes has proved to be the perfect boat for us although more extensive cruising plans and two young boys are pushing us to start looking for a larger boat. Good luck in your searching and feel free to write if you have any more questions.

Insurance runs around $190 for us. BoatUS does an agreed hull value which saves arguing about the worth of the boat and depreciation issues. You tell them how much you want it insured for and they give you the price. I covered the cost of the loan.

s/v Flying Circus
02 Aug 2000

We sail often with our Cairn Terrier (about 18 lbs fully grown) which is a totally different situation from your dog. She has her own PFD and loves the boat. Her favorite pastime is walking in a loop around the seats in the cockpit visiting everyone. The only problem is that she is just tall enough to hit the tiller as she walks under it. I always think the rudder has hit something!

Although the Rhodes is technically beachable, I've not been comfortable the few times we've done it. It is not flat bottome like most center boarders. Depending on the steepness of the bottom, when the bow is beached, the boat will be rocking on the keel. I usually anchor close enough to shore to float the boat and wade in or use a small inflatable.

Insurance runs me about $250 for the year on the east coast for a 1990 hull. Aside from liabilility, the value of the hull will be set by the company unless you have the boat appraised.

Dave Walker
S/V Windswept
01 Aug 2000

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