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2001 Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake Race Results are in for the
Spitzer Cup Invitational K. Lake 2001
September 29, 2001
10 mile course, 10kts with ~ 19kt gusts, times variable:
Trophies Received:
  • 1st Place: Fretnaught - Doug Gardner
  • 2nd Place: Country Rhodes - Rik & Sandy Sandberg
  • 3rd Place: Anima - Ann M. & Lisa
  • 4th Place: ChickieBabe - Glen & Dorene Barrera
  • 5th Place: Toy Blew - Rod & Mary Ellner
  • Honorable Mention for Crew: Ken Wise
  • Officiator: John, Light House Landing

We all had a blast! It was the best sailing! Beautiful weather, GREAT FOLKS, good food! We'll post pictures when I have a chance to get them downloaded. But for now... "time to make potatoes ;^)"

Dorene & Glen
Burnham Harbor
Chicago, IL
30 Sep 2001

Whoa!!! What a week. Can't recall the last time I saw that much perfect weather in a row. We got into LLL on Sunday morning, had a little "blow" in the evening and from then through Sunday, the weather just couldn't hardly have been better. Only thing I can complain about is that I had to leave before I was tired of having fun. :-)

I'd like to say a special THANKS to Glen and Doreen for hunting up and bringing the trophies, what a nice surprise. Ours will make a wonderful memento of our first annual, end of September, trip to Ky Lake and the Light House Landing Marina. Emphasis here should be on the "first annual", because if I have anything to say about it, this gathering WILL take place again next year. The company of all the "Rhodies" was great, the food was excellent, except for "too much of it", and I'm not sure you could find a nicer bunch of folks in the country, who own a marina, than the staff at LLL.. I think it would be safe for me to say that a GOOD time was had by all.

Got home this (Monday) morning about 9am. Turned out to be 876 miles. Hope you have all had as much fun as we did, and a safe trip back home.

Enough for now, got to go to work (AARRGH)

01 Oct 2001

Thanks. We'll do it again next year. Among the highlights of the trip, for me: first race, first raft up with 4 Rhodes, first time seeing Dylan (Doug and Robin's 4 month old son), first time the forward hull and then the rudder hit two different sets of rocks on the same day, first time for consistent good winds/sunny skys, and first time for...Walleye Cheeks! With great people like you all to share it with, what else can you ask for in a sailing vacation?

Burnham Harbor
Chicago, IL
01 Oct 2001

I suppose it was "cool" by Kentucky or South Carolina standards. But, by Minnesota standards for this time of the year, it was really nice. We did need coats in the mornings. Once the sun was up for a while though, it warmed up quick. High 60's, low 70's pretty much every day and a little warmer each day as the week went on. Good breeze (10-15) all day, every day, except for a couple of hours on Wed. and Thurs. afternoon

01 Oct 2001

Oh yeah, the walleye cheeks :-), I'll have to remember to start watching for them next summer. They aren't always available. I can always get thosesteaks though :-) :-) ! ! !

For me, first time sleeping in the boat. First time anchoring out overnight. My first race also. First raft up of any kind. First failure to inflate a fender :-). First time dropping the mast while on the water. And, the coolest first, first time sailing five miles on one tack!!

Don't know for sure if there is anything anybody would like to do differently. I can't think of too much I would change. I'd like to start planning to do it again next year at the same time, or if it works out better for anybody, a little later. Unfortunately, we can't make it any earlier. We will be going though, whether it's alone, or with somebody.

By the way, Anne, if you are reading this, thanks so much for your efforts also. We had a great time in the race and your local knowledge, both of the lay of the land and the people, was a big help. Did you ever get your chart back? Say hi and thanks to Steve and John.

02 Oct 2001

I thought it was great!

Glen and Dorene did a WONDERFUL job organizing and promoting the event. I thought last years gathering was great, but this one was even better! Kudos to my heros!

Rod and Mary, it was wonderful to meet you! For those of you who are not fortunate enough to know these two, they are two of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. Rod was always there when you needed anything, whether it was cooking french toast (or cooking sausage gravy and biscuits), helping to raise a mast, or whatever. Mary is indescribable. You just need to meet her to understand.

Ken and Joann Wise were just delightful to have around. Ken crewed on Fretnaught when we went to raft up, and I was SO glad he did. It was important to me to have another sailor on board when Robin had to be in the cabin with Dylan. I'm sure that Rod feels the same way about Ken crewing on Toy Blew during the race.

Anne M was our liason and expediter, as well as all-round fun person! She took the spinnaker sheets on thursday to show some folks what you can do with a big lightweight sail in almost no wind. We have a great picture of Anne doing just that. (I said it was a great picture of Anne. I didn't say it was a good picture of me, or that anyone else will ever see it! ;^) Now, go and make some more potatoes, Anne!

Rik And Sandy are the "get things done" team! Man, what energy! I think Sandy cooked most of the meals, and Rik was the self appointed taxi driver. I'm certain that he also had the fastest R22 on the lake. Don't anyone listen to him when he says he doesn't know how to sail! He is probably the best natural sailor I've ever met. In the race he turned back to try to rescue a lost Tilley hat (unfortunately lost forever) and STILL came back to finish second. I'm convinced he would have been first if he had a smaller headsail on the furler (winds were heavy, and I was using about a 130%, and it was partly furled). After the raft-up, he made it back up the lake in record time. He not only beat us all back, he actually HUMILIATED us! Fortunately, he is so nice that nobody really cared that he beat us soundly, then has the gall to say he doesn't know how to sail. (So, Rik... if you don't know how to sail, and you are so much better at it than the rest of us, what does that say about OUR skills???)

What a WONDERFUL group of people! The only thing that was missing was a few of our other good friends who were unable to come. You know who you are, but I just wanted to say again how much we missed you, and that we thought of you often (and always fondly).

There are many more stories, but those need to wait for another time. Here's looking forward to NEXT year!

Doug Gardner
s/v Fretnaught
02 Oct 2001

What a great time we all had. Seeing 5 Rhodes 22's together is a treat. It is great fun seeing all the options and different configurations on the boats. The gathering is like a 5 day sailing seminar. There was a lot of interest in the Rhodes, The mast raising systems attracted a few on lookers and one person was esspecially interested in the IMF. The Rhodes 22 always attracts a crowd.

Thanks to Ken for crewing on Toy Blew. We learned a lot. Reducing the sails is very effective and easy. I guess Mary, Ken, and I were cruising rather than racing.

Thanks to Joanne for making the great salsa, guacamole. Ken and Joanne also shared some great Australian wine.

Dorene and Glen, great job of organizing the event. What a great party. We did miss not hearing Glens and Robins guitars and I do believe Dorene sings. Maybe a little rain and then some music.

Doug, Robin, & Dylan, it was good to meet you. Especially seeing your boat and the ingunity and work you have put in it. Robin next year we need to hear the guitar. Dylan is a good little guy. He will be a joy to you.

Rik and Sandy always with good ideas to address. Sandy, where did you get the suction cup hooks, Rik showed one to me, the ones with the lever activator? The walley cheeks and steaks were great. Great sailing. I would have liked to stay out on the hook one or two nights but wouldn't want to miss anything on shore.

Anne we had a great time at KKL. What a jewel of a body of water and harbor. I like all the extras you had added to your boat. The time definately went too fast. We had a great time

Thanks to everyone for the great week. Great breaksfast. several hours sailing, cocktail hour or so, dinner. That is a pretty good day. Let along 5 days running. Next time music.

Toy blue
03 Oct 2001

Hey, everyone, Sure had a great time with y'all here!! Hate that Doug and Rik beat me out! We certainly could not have had better weather or winds! Already looking forward to next year when I actually may make potatoes!

03 Oct 2001

OK, I guess I'll have to stop saying I don't know how to sail now. I do appreciate your comment about being a "natural" sailor though cause it is true that I've always "just known" how to do it, from the first time I ever set foot on a sail boat. Never had a minutes worth of instruction. I sure do appreciate the compliment.

I think I probably had a little equipment advantage there too. All of your boats were in the water most of the summer so your bottoms probably weren't as fair and I'm sure all of your sails have more time on them than mine. So, I don't think I can take all the credit for being fast, good sailor or not.

Sure was a pleasure meeting you guys. I think you and I might be able to have some interesting discussions on d.I.Y modifications to the boats, etc. You seem to be somewhat of a backyard engineer, same as me. I was a little disappointed that we weren't able to find a time when Robin could sit down with her guitar (Glen too). I'm not real musical, but I do appreciate good guitar picking when I can get some.

Now, I've got to see about getting that Tilley replaced.

Hope you, Robin and of course, Dylan had a fine ride home.

Maybe we could do one of these get togethers early in the spring too. Something to think about. Start planning for next year. I obviously, haven't had enough yet!!! I'm still grinning.

Best Regards, Rik
02 Oct 2001

Posted our K Lake pictures. You can see them at


The "Visit Album Member Name" is: dor.

Have several albums in there, K Lake is marked. Enjoy! :^)

Burnham Harbor
Chicago, IL
03 Oct 2001

Greetings: I just got back to Indiana after that wonderful experience at K. Lake. I want to thank Anne for all the arranging and for being a good sport. My thanks to Glen and Dorene for their organizing and their hospitality. Thanks to Doug for teaching me so many neat sailing tricks, like using the high side winch and not using the center board. Thanks to Rod and Mary for their company and for Rod's Sausage Gravy & Biscuits. Thanks to Rick for showing me some fancy sailing and to Sandy for walleye cheeeks, my first, and some great steaks.

Other firsts, first time I have seen a marina with more sailboats than power boats, WAY More. First time I met the Rhodies and I am impressed, they make a terrific group. Thanks to all the cooks, the food was great. First time sailing in 18mph winds with no more than a one foot chop. We intend to be back next year.

s/v Awaken
04 Oct 2001

As the only non-sailing member of our group at KL, I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome I received from all of you. When Ken said he wanted to meet up with a group of Rhodies and sail.sail,sail, I had mixed feelings Traveling hundreds of miles, sitting in a car following surgery was not my idea of the ideal recovery plan. But Ken had been so impressed with the sincerity and concern exhibited on the rhodes list. The chance to meet face to face was a very strong draw. Sailing was the cherry on top for Ken.So of we went.

Meeting with Mary and Rod; Rick and Sandy; Glen and Dorene; Doug, Robin and Dylan; Anne and Steve, was teriffic. At the end of our stay I felt as if I was leaving a group of old friends.The memories are warm and strong.From burgers by flashlight, walleye cheeks (a first) to steaks and elusive potatoes. In additon, breakfasts by Doug and Rod to start the day. My hobby is food and cooking--next year a stove. I had a great time at KL and can't wait for next year and the chance to see you all again. Until then Keep dry and I wish you all good sailing.

Ken & Joanne Wise
s/v Awaken
07 Oct 2001

Scheduling so everyone can make it is always a difficult thing. This year, our solution was to have several gatherings at various times across the country. We had an early summer (late spring?) gathering in New Bern, a high summer gathering on Long Island Sound, and the fall gathering at Kentucky Lake. I think the scheduling worked very well, in the sense that it permitted more people to attend at least one gathering than would otherwise have been possible. Note that (with the exception of Glen and Dorene) none of the KY lake participants this year were able to attend any other sailing event.

No matter what time of year you schedule, there will be people who can't make it. Fall gatherings exclude those who have school commitments, summer gatherings exclude those with summer commitments (like Rik). There are a number of reasons why the late september date was chosen for kentucky lake:

  • 1) People with summer commitments can make it
  • 2) It is close enough to haul out for many of us that the gathering coincides with winterization of the boat
  • 3) It is possible to get a cabin without scheduling 2 years in advance (this is probably going to be extremely important if attendance increases)
  • 4) Weather is better than in high summer or spring

Please be aware that we understand that fall dates exclude people. Just as we are aware that other dates exclude others. Unless someone has an idea about how to reconcile these conflicting schedules, I propose that we keep the Kentucky Lake gathering as a fall gathering for those who cannot make the others, and we work hard to expand the LIS and New Bern gatherings so that they are even better.

Once these gatherings are relatively stable and successful, we can consider a midwinter gathering... maybe in the keys? With luck, we could find a time over the holidays which would allow attendance by all interested parties. Note that this may be difficult because schools on quarters tend to go back to school early in january and schools on semesters tend to go back mid january. For example, Ohio U. usually lets out at thanksgiving and restarts the first week of jan. Miami lets out the week before christmas and restarts sometime around Jan 15. The overlap is christmas and the week between christmas and new years. I bet that timing would pose other problems for people, as well as coincide with the busiest week of the year in FL.

These are just my 2 cents.

07 Oct 2001

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