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Subject: mainsail

I am looking to replace the mainsail on my 1975 Rhodes. If anyone has a GOOD used sail or has any resources to find one please let me know. Also, I'm sure it has been covered at length, but if I could get some ideas for converting the cable set-up that holds the main traveler to something more adjustable I would appreciate it. I figured I would mount a short section of track for a traveler car on something strong above the tiller, one problem is that on my Continental the edge at the top of the transom is not flush, it slopes a few degrees aft. Ideas??

Nate Adams
27 May 1998

If the sail is in half way decent shape, you might try sending it to Sail Care, Inc. in Ford City, Pa. I sent my jib out for repair (sunshade was a bit of a mess) and had them replace the sunshade and run the sail through their treatment system. The "LaMay" system cleans the sail, and then they restore the resins in the sailcloth. Somehow they managed to make my 10-year-old jib look like new. They stitched up any areas that needed it and the thing sparkles. The main will go in for treatment in the fall.

Alex Bell

Call General Boats at (919) 482 4372. They can sell you a used main at a good price and can sell you the upgraded traveler bar backstay assembly.

Larry Sparks
s/v "Sailsman's Bounty", Cincinnati

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