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IMF vs Standard Mast

This question is unique to the Rhodes22 and often a subject on this list. You have to be the decider:

  • If you are over 50 -- IMF
  • If you are going to race -- Standard
  • If you are going to single hand -- IMF
  • Blue water -- lean toward Standard
  • Lazy sailing with family or friends -- IMF
  • Any serious performance issue -- Standard

    When I was buying my recycled from Stan, IMF was not the deciding factor. I had never sailed with an IMF. I read Stan's remarks and saw how Rummy's was stored and thought it would be a good idea. In fact it is a GREAT IDEA . It works fine and makes using the boat unbelievably simple.

    Both my wife and I work full time. I live about a hour away from the boat. When we get to the boat, it takes about ten minutes to be underway. I have only reefed the main a couple of times. I found that after I was under sail, that I didn't really need to reef, and went to full main.

    I did not see in your inquiry, what part of the county you are from. In South Carolina, we sail all year. However, the weather needs to co operate a little more this year.

    While Stan is not perfect, and he has a few detractors, there are many of us who recommend dealing with him and General Boats. If you get a recycled boat from Stan, he is your marine surveyor. He brings the boat to a sailable condition (not a new condition). If you buy a used boat, then you best be willing to do and be able to some fixing up yourself.

    Ed K
    13 Dec 2002

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