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Well we talked about several different Hawaiian possibilities for naming the new boat. We covered 100s of combinations to come up with one and finally settled on a name that also "flows" when spoken.


Translation would be Blue Sky (Blue Heaven).

Now we have a question for the list. Stan mentioned that some of you may have suggestions of where we could have the name stenciling done to order.

Thanks in advance for any information.

26 Mar 2002

I recommend Rick the Mouseherder at www.mouseherder.com. He's got a pic of the graphics he did for my boat on the 'gallery' section of his website. Just look for 'Rocinante'....

26 Mar 2002

We also used Rick the Mouseherder (he was based in Annapolis then) when we had Fretless' name done. We had a lot of recommendations to go to local sign shops but I didn't find anyone I liked calling around locally. I was short on time and so acted on Brian's recommendation for Rick. He did a fine job and was great to deal with. What all of these shops give you is an adhesive vinyl cutout of the whole name (or parts of it if you have a very complicated design) that you squeegee on.

Mary Lou
26 Mar 2002

I found the BoatUS graphics to be very reasonably priced and easy to apply. They make them at their Alexandria VA store and I was able to see several iterations of what I wanted before I had them print it but I guess everyone can't do that. You can order through their web page and they offer many different types, sizes, colors, and fonts.

26 Mar 2002

I used Daniel Pauls, (320) 963-6639, 12120 Fitch Ave. NW, Maple Lake, MN 55358. You might give them a call.

Sam in Cinci
27 Mar 2002

West Marine actually did a really good job with ours. They had a special page in the catalog with their fonts, colors, etc.

Ben Schultz
28 Mar 2002

I'm in the process of replacing "Syracuse, NY" with "Blacksburg, VA" on Raven's glossy black topside. After removing the letters and scrubbing w/ hot, soapy water, I've still got a "ghost" "Syracuse, NY" there. I'm thinking rubbing compound would probably do it. I also considered using acetone, but decided to skip that since I'm afraid it might mar the paint. I tried rewaxing a portion of the area, but the old lettering is still visible.

Is there anything I can do about this or do I just need to apply the new lettering and wait until I redo the topside paint job to get rid of the ghost lettering?

Mark Kaynor
31 Mar 2002

The only cure that I know of to cure the phantom letters is to bring the paint surrounding the "old" letters back to it's original gloss. The paint under the letters didn't fade with the surrounding paint and is much closer to the original shade or gloss. Your rubbing compound is probably the best bet. I doubt that acetone or any other solvent like it will help much. Might need a buffer to completely rid yourself of the shadows. Only trouble is, once you've polished out the shadows of the old lettering you will probably find that one spot looks better than the rest of the boat. Then you will feel the need to polish the whole boat. :-) Try to resist this urge :-) :-) If you get rid of most of the shadow and put your new lettering on in the same place, what's left of the shadow will be hard to spot.

If you use a buffer, be careful not to burn the paint. A buffer can make a lot of heat quickly, if you don't keep moving.

31 Mar 2002

Usually, "ghost lettering" is actually the difference in color between the hull that was underneath the old letters & thus protected from the sun's UV & other weathering effects & the color of the surrounding hull, which has faded. You can try rubbing compund, but you might actually have better luck with straight chlorine bleach applied with a Q-tip directly on the ghost letters. Be careful not to get the bleach on youtself or on the surrounding hull. Wear eye protection & rubber gloves. Let the bleach sit & fade the ghost letters for a couple of minutes & then rinse it off with copious amounts of fresh water. You might have to reapply a couple of times in order to get the colors to match. After the colors are close, then use a mildly abrasice cleanser like Comet to erase the last traces of ghost letters. Good luck!

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium
31 Mar 2002

Hi Mark,you can try using Bon-Ami cleanser. It is a very mild abrasive, and is excellent for cleaning dirty windshields, and side glass. Will give a clean polished look, with out lots of work. I use it for small jobs, that don't require a large area.

Regards, Sam Feder
01 Apr 2002

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