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Boat Naming Ceremonies

[Ed. note: I thought maybe we needed one of these. Not sure if GB performs this as part of the recycling procedure.]

First: You must de-name: Example; Bless the former name and allow that name to go to the everlasting sea. (A simple thanks for its former service and a good-bye to "Old Name Here" should do.) Also remove all traces of the original name.

Second: You must establish the new name - Now here comes the fun part!!

1st method ----You must pour very good wine (RED wine- see below) on the bow, and offer some to the god Poseidon (Neptune) pouring the wine into the waters of the Home Port; then say out loud the new name, asking Poseidon to bless the boat and all who ride within. If it is a sailboat, don't forget Aeolus, the god of winds. Both gods' blessings required. Also, the Captain (owner), crew and guests should sip the wine as well (spill and intake quantity is not limited! The gods like generosity!)

2nd method ---- After de-naming: Scuttle the boat out of sight of land-refloat and rename - not many of us can do that one! (at least not on purpose)

3rd method --- The one I like! --- Have a virgin urinate on the bow while renaming the boat and asking Poseidon's blessing. The major problem here is ahhhhhh -- I'll let you work on that one.

I used methods 1 and 3 (a friend has a baby girl). By the way, all the methods have REAL historical backgrounds, such as: red wine is the wine to spill, it symbolizes the blood of a virgin (yep, they used to sacrifice a virgin and spill the blood on the boat). White champagne is a very "new" invention and was not used until a few years ago. When christening a new ship, I would break champagne but also spill some red wine.

If you are interested, I have an Ode to the Sea and Wind Gods, I wrote to be read during re-naming. You are welcome to it if you wish.

May Poseidon and Aeolus bless your boat.

Ode to the Gods of the Sailor

Hail! Aeolus and Poseidon! We seek your benevolence upon this vessel. Now to be known as "(New Name)"

Aeolus, whose mighty hand doth charge the wind, To this vessel gentle zephyrs send, And we who sail within will bend Our heads in tribute, never end.

With breath from high that maketh heaven's breeze, To cause us sailors joy or fear upon the seas. We call upon you Aeolus, please - Grant this ship and its mortals ease.

O! Poseidon, you spirit God of waters great and small, On this vessel, by your grace, allow these sons and daughters all, To pass from port of hailing to their port of call, And on these sailing subjects make your gentle blessings fall.

You who cause the seas to rage or lie in sweet repose, Please list' to we mariners here, your servants of the flows. This ship, the captain, crew and all of those - Who love the wind and seas - will follow where thou goes.

Ralph E. Ahseln
April 1996

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