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Rhodes 22


Outboard Maintenance

Check for varnish buildup in the carb. Most of them are VERY easy to rebuild and normally all you need to do is hose out the bowl and jets with carb cleaner. It would not hurt to run same thru the lines and replace the fuel filter closest to the bowl (if you have more than one). The filter is easy to find if you follow the inlet line. Make double-sure of several things: drain the bowl in a safe and environmentally sound manner and most esp. INSURE YOU PUT THE BOWL GASKET BACK ON PROPERLY!! (It just requires seeing, not merely looking.)


We have an 8 hp Honda that was a bear to start a couple of years ago. Pamela had the engine before I arrived on the scene, and I was not impressed with the Honda due to it's needing 50 to 75 pulls to start.

Last spring, I took the plugs out and cleand and gapped them. I also used carburator/choke cleaner to spray into the carb. It was at that point that I noticed a rubber hose near the back of the carb that was not attached to anything. I found that it was supposed to fit onto the carb.

Fired on the first pull, stalled. Then after I figured that the engine had run on carb cleaner for a few seconds, discovered another problem with gas tank line. After repairing that, it started on second pull. From that point on,it started on the second or third pull. If it does not start on the second pull, something is wrong.

I would spray out the carb with cleaner spray. I would also follow the advice someone else gave about disconnecting the gas line. You want to disconnect the line while the engine is running and let it use up all the gas in the carb so that there is no gas to gum up. We have followed that principle and have had good results. Of course, if you fail to reconnect the gas line prior to your next start up. . . . . Same problem, different solution.

Alex Bell

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