R 22

Rhodes 22


Outboard Motor Well

This was done a few times as an experiment by some builders and also by a few owners.

It did not work out for several reasons: the well is open into the lazarette; prop wash builds up in the well and can flood the boat. There is also the question of a following sea, for the same reasons. The well was designed for the 4 hp Mariner, which is now the 3.3. (They changed the ratings in the 1980's.) You will not be able to increase the motor size and will still have the prop wash problem with the 3.3 hp motor. The other major problem is the exhaust. The well acts as a smoke stack, creating a pain-in-the-ass type of problem. Having the motor in the well is a real drag; I do not think it lifts out easily.

Those are the highlights that I got. You might want to think about glassing the well over and mounting the standard outboard brackets. That would be a much better solution.


I agree with you; these are issues we are looking at. I have an expert helping me with the boat.

It is my belief that it was built that way originally. (If anyone else has seen this on a Rhodes 22, please respond) The boat was built before GB took over construction.

There is a large hatch that can be opened for ventilation and the throttle is on the handle. We are going to be putting in some kind of vents as well. I have taken some pictures and will be publishing them soon.

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