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Rhodes 22


Padeyes for Life Lines

Consider using a Wichard 6504 folding pad eye for your lifeline harness attachment point on the cabin top. This pad eye uses three 1/ 4-20 UNC machine screws and is rated at 4410 lbs safe working load (SWL). Look on p.827 of the WEST Marine 1999 Master Catalog.

A nominal 1/4-inch ID stainless steel fender washer has an OD of 1 inch. Three of these 1 inch OD fender washers should provide more than enough backing plate area to withstand the pad eye's SWL on top of the cabin in the area port and starboard of the companionway.

The folding padeye will be much less of a line snagger and toe stubber than a fixed pad eye.

Roger Pihlaja S/V Dynamic Equilibrium 11 Jan 2000

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