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McMaster-Carr Supply Company http://www.mcmaster.com

  • Locations: Atlanta - (404) 346-7000; fax (404)349-9091
  • NY/NJ/northeast - (732) 329-3200; fax (732)329-3772
  • Chicago/MI/IL - (630) 833-0300; fax (630)834-9427

18 Feb 2001

Another source for practically any plastic material is:

United States Plastics Corp.
1390 Neubrecht Road
Lima, OH 45801
800-854-5498 (FAX)

I've found US Plastics Corp has a better selection of structural shapes in a wider variety of engineering plastics. Their prices are also usually lower. They also stock a huge selection of plastic tanks, fittings, valves, pipe & tubing, storage containers, etc. For general hardware, McMaster Carr is hard to beat.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium
19 Feb 2001

"Starboard" is the tradename for a brand of UV stabilized polyethylene building material, which is manufactured by the King Plastic Co.:

King Plastic
P.O. Box 1475
Venice, FL 34284-1475
941-497-3274 (FAX)

Besides "Starboard", King Plastics also offers "Starlite" rigid foam core building material, which is about 40% lighter than Starboard.

Here are some other suggestions:

"CPG Seaboard" high density polymer sheet

Compression Polymers Group
801 Corey St.
Moosic, PA 19807
717-346-5080 (FAX)

"Kelron" HD polyethylene sheet

Otron Tech
P.O. Box 40
Stn. Main, 760 Lowe Ave.
Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 4L5 Canada
519-627-7969 (FAX)

All manner of structural shapes, sheets, rods, etc in a wide variety of polymers & they will custom cut & sell small pieces directly to individuals:

United States Plastic Corp.
1390 Neubrecht Road
Lima, OH 45801
800-854-5498 (FAX)

Given the thru-bolted, heavily compression loaded application, I would not use any of the structural foams. You only gave dimensions of 1.5" X 18" X ? for the wooden pieces you need to replace. How thick are these wooden pieces? What do these wooden pieces you are replacing do? Do they move with the motor mount or are they just "shims"? Assuming they are just shims, then I would stay away from any of the brittle plastics like polystyrene or acrylics. Unfilled teflon will tend to creep with time under compression loading, but glass filled teflon would be OK. PVC & cPVC will get brittle in the winter. Nylon 6, polypropylene, ABS, UV stabilized polyethylene (preferably high density or ultra high molecular weight), UV stabilized polycarbonate, G-10 phenolic, or fiberglass would all probably work OK in this application. By the way, assuming these are just shims, are you satisfied with their present thickness? i.e., would you be happier if the motor were slightly nearer or farther away from the transom? By tapering the shims, you could also adjust the angle of the motor relative to the water, thus potentially fixing any motor trim problems you may be having. Now is the time to think about & change these parameters.

If this is a moving part, then I would use UV stabilized, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene for its abrasion resistance & self-lubricating qualities.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium
25 Oct 2002

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