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I recently purchased a Rhodes 22 (1975) and have a question regarding the point of attachment for the pop-top. On the forward aspect of the top are two metal "prongs", they obviously attach at the mast but how?? There is a cotter pin in a hole on the aft side of the mast, is that it? If so, does anyone have a better set-up as this does not look too strong.

Thanks, and if anyone is sailing the flats of Ohio in your Rhodes please drop me a line. We plan to keep our boat at Rocky Fork Lake, southeast of Dayton.

Nate Adams
s/v Knot Perfect

You are missing the slide assembly that attaches by a thru-bolt to the prongs you refer to. I presume that General Boats can sell you one, but don't call before Wednesday this week, no one there. The slide assembly looks like the business end of the boom gooseneck, installs via the mast track slot, and resides below the boom. It slides up and down the lower mast track as you raise and lower the pop-top. At least, that's the way my 1984 works.

I sail at Brookville Lake in Indiana. Have not been to Rocky Fork in years, but understand that there is a lot more action out there now than previously. May have to go take a look. I live in Wyoming, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati.

Larry Sparks
S/V "Sailsman's Bounty"
04 May 1998

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