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Owner's Review for 1976 Rhodes 22
Roger Pihlaja

The Rhodes 22 is a trailerable cruising sailboat which features a shoal draft keel with centerboard. The mast is deck stepped with a single spreader & 9 stays. The sailplan is masthead rigged with roller furling. We have owned our 1976 Rhodes 22 since 1987. We live on a small inland lake in central lower Michigan & keep the boat at our own dock. However, we have also sailed the boat extensively on the Great Lakes and inland lakes in Arkansas.

Cruising with our family of 4 is like camping out on the water. On land, we also use our Rhodes 22 like a pop top camper at campgrounds. It's not luxurious; but, it sure is fun and affordable. My 2 sons have grown up with the boat.

We find the Rhodes 22 to be very sea worthy & safe. We have raced our Rhodes 22. The boat is at its best in light to moderate air & has enough adjustments to keep the sail trimmers happy. The mainsail traveller works particularly well & the shock absorbing feature of being mounted on the backstays works as advertised. The Rhodes 22 points & tacks reasonably well for a small trailerable sailboat. Hard on the wind, the crew really appreciates the wide gunnels & reverse hull shear which enables them to hike way out while remaining reasonably dry.

Downwind, the boat performs best with a triradial spinnaker. The shoal draft keel & hull shape provide directional stability such that she tracks better than any other 22 foot sailboat I've ever experienced. Yet, the big transom hung rudder enables her to be quite manuverable when you want to turn. The Rhodes 22 comes with a Cruising Designs roller furler. With this standard roller furler, the genoa sail shape is OK when fully unfurled. However, at about 15 mph wind speed, the rig will require shortening sail in order to keep her sailing on her lines. The genoa sail shape suffers so badly with the Cruising Designs roller furler that it is best to reef the mailsail first, even though that will cause lee helm. My wife & young sons found the standard winches to be too small in heavy air (> 15 mph) & we upgraded them to Anderson 12ST's. We upgraded the Cruising Designs roller furler to a Harken roller furler with a 150% bi-radial genoa with foam luff pad. We have also upgraded to a fully battened mainsail with 2 jiffy reef points. These sail upgrades have essentially cured the moderate to heavy air performance of the boat.

The Rhodes 22 is somewhat expensive for a 22 foot sailboat. However, the engineering design, superb ergonomics, and quality materials & construction are there. If you purchase a used Rhodes 22, be aware that the builder (Stan Spitzer) has made numerous changes & upgrades to the boat over the years. All the parts are still available & many of the upgrades can be retrofitted to older boats.

Stan & company have been very patient & helpful with me over the years in determining which version of the part I needed for my boat. After 11 years with the boat, we have no intention of selling her. If something happened to our Rhodes 22, we would buy another without hesitation.

Owner's Review for 1977 Rhodes 22
Contact: George Staples

This boat has a tremendous number of features packed into 22'. Large cockpit, lazaret, full size galley, and double bearth. Ballast is in the shallow fixed keelson, so that the center board is not heavy. Pop top allows full standing headroom and ventilation at anchor. This is a great pocket cruser that can be trailored, and sails very well in light to moderate wind. However, it isn't a racer, and has no place way off shore. I have had this boat on the Chesapeak bay for 5 seasons, and am very happy with it.

Owner's Review for 1984 Rhodes 22
Contact: Cam Whetstone

I like the styrofoam flotation and difficulty in capsizing the boat under sail. I am not an accomplished sailor, but I love sailing so anything that keeps me alive is good.

Owner's Review for 1985 Rhodes 22
Contact: Jim Morrison

A great boat! You can get all the specifications by contacting the homepage of the manufacturer at http://www.rhodes22.com. This will give you all the technical data about the boat, but if you want an owners views & opinions, contact me. I'll just let you know in advance that I think it's a fantastic boat; the builder (StanSpitzer) is a straightforward & upright guy who isn't out to "take" you. I respect his opinions and suggestions when outfitting or making additions/changes to my 11 year old boat. This was the first boat I ever owned, so I needed lots of advice when I first started out. Stan helped me a lot! I've taken the boat on several 10 - 14 day trips singlehanded & been in some pretty rough weather conditions on the Chesapeake Bay, and she's always served me well. Contact me for answers to your particular questions. I'll be glad to respond.

Owner's Review for 1988 Rhodes 22
Contact: Steven Brill

I have been sailing a reconditioned Rhodes 22 for about two months in Long Island Sound. So far, I love it! Pros: Roller furling main and genoa. All lines lead back to the cockpit. Easy to sail singlehanded. Large cockpit. A lot of room for a small boat. Many "custom" features add to confort on board. Cons: A little difficult to handle in winds over 20 knots. Somewhat tender and weight sensitive when singlehandling.

Owner's Review for 1989 Rhodes 22
Contact: Ralph Bibbus

We've owned the Rhodes 22 for three years and have sailed her extensively during this period. My family and I have spent a great deal of time on the boat and have nothing but good news to report. She's not an offshore boat nor is she a racer but that is not what we were looking for when we did our "shopping". She points well and is great in light winds. She is a bit tender initially but stiffens very quickly. The cockpit is big enough that we had 4 large teenagers, 3 adults and 2 dogs aboard last summer for a daysail and the space was adequate. The cabin is a bit on the small side but it's only been my wife and I overnighting anyway, so it actually is very cozy. The builders market a boom room that increases the overall living space aboard and we intend to purchase one this coming season. She launches and retrieves like a dream, and the mast and rigging is quick too, although not as easy as the Spitzer's ( the builders ) make it sound. The builders of the boat are always very helpful and eager to help out in any way they can. If we had to do it all over again we would without hesitation buy another Rhodes.

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