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I will be picking up my refurbished Rhodes 22 from GB on Friday 24th and trailering it down to Oriental, NC to launch it. Those of you who have boats at the yard might like to describe them to me and I will give them a pat of encouragement! I could use a little of it, as my experience with the boat has been eventful thus far and I have not even sailed it!

I picked it up in Virginia and, driving down I-95 to NC, lost a wheel bearing on the trailer at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday. A Good Samaritan eventually stopped, went home to get his tools, took me to a parts shop where, luckily, they had the bearings, and installed them for me so that we could continue on our way.

The second time I touched the boat was to launch it off the trailer (a first for me), begin to mount the motor, only to find the boat sinking! We learned how to get the boat back on the trailer in a hurry. Needless to say, I hope for better luck this time.

This is the first time I have sailed, let alone owned, a boat without an anchor locker into which to stow the anchor and rode. I have had the anchor mount installed by GB. What about the rode? How do other owners stow this when not in use? Do you keep it at the bow, coiled in some fashion, or do you unshackle it and bring it back to the lazarette?

My instinct says the former, but I am interested in learning how others deal with this small problem.

John Wilson
April 22, 1998

Before you tow your boat anywhere pull both wheels off and make sure the brakes are in good condition and working order. Also, check to see that the emergency brake device on the surge brakes is working. When you hook up, if you have a Dico ball mount, make sure that the ball is completely in its socket before you tighten down the locking screw

Take your time setting up the rigging it is not as fast as the Spitzers would have people think. Once you get every thing set up keep an eye on all of the turnbuckles because the shrouds and stays are wire and like to untwist them.

On my boat (Donít Panic) I have a vent port on the fore deck just aft of the bow into which I put the rode. There should be a rode drawer just under the vent hole to accept the rode. I use a shackle with a screw pin to attach the chain to the anchor and leave everything together while sailing and then put the rode in its drawer and leave the anchor in its hanger on the bow pulpit when I am not sailing.

Good luck. Relax, itís fun!

Jerry Stouffer
22 Apr 1998

I keep the line in a bucket, and its anchor under the cockpit seat. Just throw the anchor over the side when I want to stop. I have a larger anchor on the bow pulpit without any line attached. (I almost never use that one any more.) If I want to anchor by the bow, I just walk the line forward after the anchor is set from the stern. We have a small boat, so these kinds of things are easy.

Good luck on your first sail.

George Staples

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