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I hope to receive a new Rhodes in the next week or so with a used trailer. Do I understand from Russ that New Jersey requires brakes on the trailer? Can anyone cite, advise, or direct me to the law of New Jersey re: trailers. I also have a more basic question. Can anyone cite, advise, or direct me to the law re: what specific things I need on the boat by way of life jackets, etc. What does the Coast Guard require? Does the state of New Jersey require anything else? I am advised informally that the requirements increase with the size of the boat. I have been told that in some cases a jacket is required rather than a cushion, but that a cushion might qualify as a PFD for some purposes. Some boats need a hand flare but others may require a launcher, etc.


Call your DMV. Law varies by state, but it is more than likely they will get on your case when you try to get plates.

Coast Guard Required Safety Equipment

  • one class B-1 fire extinguisher, (I would get two, mount in galley and companionway door)
  • one type IV throwable CG approved (I like the Life Sling in its place)
  • a CG approved lifejacket for each person on the boat, plus kid's sizes if needed (I would use type I (better) or the II ok for NJ)
  • 3 day/night flares. (I would get at least 6 aerial and 6 handheld, plus 3 smoke sticks, an ammo box for storage, the Solars are better but costly)
  • If anywhere near the NY boarder, the rescue flag

You will also want:

  • 2 white collision flares,
  • first aid kit, the large one
  • 3-25 foot dock lines, I like the braided kind, some like 3-strand
  • flashlights and spare batteries
  • knife
  • tool kit
  • WD-40
  • fenders
  • spare rigging pins & cotters
  • spare line
  • duct tape
  • black electrical tape.
  • canvas balling buckets
  • charts for your area, and navigation tools
  • tide tables
  • spare spark plugs and fuel system parts,
  • spare bulbs

There is more, but this should get you started.

Last but not least, the knowledge to use all the above: a safe boating or USPS course.


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