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Rhodes 22


Sail Rejuvenation

The outfit everyone raves about is sailcare:


I haven't used them, but they come highly recommended (by everyone except my local sailmaker)

Gardner, Douglas
02 Oct 2001

I too endorse the services of Sail Care, Inc. I've used them twice to treat my '85 Rhodes sails. I was pleased both times. I believe their phone # to be (800)433-7245, & address 410 9th Street, Ford City, PA 16226.

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
02 Oct 2001

How long did it take SailCare to work on your sail, what did you have done and what did it cost?

21 Jan 2003

My original intention was to just have the mainsail and the 175% genoa cleaned and conditioned for $271. I knew I had a weak seam or two but when the estimate came back it was for an additional $290 of repairs. At $30 and hour it adds up. The turnaround time was over a month but that may have been because of the repairs more so than the cleaning. The work is great however.

Brad 21 Jan 2003

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