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Rowdy Rhodies Challenge

Logger Standings

Starting May 1, 2002 until October 1, 2002 record your sailing mileage while sailing in your individual respective waters, (even if it is just sailing back and forth across the local pond), attempting to sail the equivalent distance of Miami to the Bahamas and back (137 nm). Now you don't have to sail the distances all at the same time. It would be the accumulated total of all your sails in the month.

The challenge is open to everyone willing to give it a try. There would be no prizes except for the bragging rights (Well, Rummy is offering a bottle of Mt Gay Rum, but that's between Rummy and the end-of-season leader).

You will need someway to determine the distance traveled (GPS, map, knots * time, etc). It is the honor system.

The May-October time frame is in order to "level the playing field..." so that sailors in warmer climates would not be able to take unfair advantage of those who have to suffer through winter in the Midwest. You are welcome to log any sail outside this time frame if you prefer. The "offical" challenge is to May-October.

During the off-season you may continue to log your mileage and monthly standings will be prepared.

There are some guidelines (actual rules seem anti-rowdy rhodie):

  • Sail must be submitted by the end of the month following the month the sail was completed. In other words, all May sails must be submitted by the end of June, and so on. This should be an adequate amount of time for everyone to submit his or her mileage. I may not accept sails submitted after this time
  • Use of a outboard motor is acceptable. But you are encouraged to be real salty dogs and actually use the cloth thingy attached to the pole thingy.
  • This challenge is run on the honor system. There are no forms, sign off, or witnesses required, so be honorable... Since there are no prizes, what would be the point of being dishonorable!
  • If there are discrepancies or questions about anyone's totals, Tom Evans - unofficial bookkeeper - will make the final judgment.

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