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Setting up for single handing

Steve, or anyone else w/ a std main, I am about to run the halyard back to the cockpit and would like to get any dos/donts from those who have done.

I just finished this project. The following is the way I did it, after all the false starts.

  • 1. Weld a stainless pad eye to the starboard side of the tabernacle. [If you use bolts, the heads will rub against the mast and pull the tabernacle out of the boat as the mast takes the tabernacle with it.]
  • 2. Attach a three [3] sheave bullet block to your pad eye.
  • 3. Install a triple rope clutch to the starboard side of the boat deck almost as far aft as the bulkhead. Through-bolt it.
  • 4. Using a piece of 1/2 inch Starboard for a pad, through-bolt a triple deck organizer to the deck.
  • 5. Run your main halyard through the most forward sheave if the triple bullet block, the most forward sheave of the deck organizer, and finally through the most starboard opening in the rope clutch.
  • 6. Install your downhaul and run it through the middle sheaves and opening.
  • 7. Install your Harken Single Line Reefing System [track on the port side of the boom] and use none of the hardware provided for the starboard installation. Instead run the reefing line from the forward reefing grommet to the aft sheave in the bullet block, the aft sheave in the deck organizer, and the port-most opening of the rope clutch.
  • 8. Works like a charm!

Hope this helps,

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
15 Apr 2002

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