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Rhodes 22


Spring Maintenance

1. Wax: I missed the full discussion, but I think the consensus was carnauba wax; specifically Collinite. Why the brand preference? I like the fleet wax.

2. Topside protection: The question "why do you think they wax their surfboards" is still ringing in my ears. What was the consensus on how best to protect surfaces most exposed to both sun and feet?

One school is never wax the non-skid; the other is to do it. I am trying is this year and keeping a can of wax remover on board, how's that for an answer....

3. Bottom Paint: The simplest solution I remember for people using ablative bottom paint was simply slapping on another coat after minimal or no preparation without regard to painting under the trailer bunks. The idea was that the paint would come off anyhow -- one way or the other -- and was protecting mainly other paint. The theory for under the bunks was that next year the boat would come to rest in another spot. Comments?

Use ACP-50 or Micron Extra; paint the first coat red, then every thing else blue. Touch up the scratches but wait until you see the red.

4. Tiller Protection: What is the recommended annual procedure?

If you see water damage under the varnish redo it. Purchase or make a cover for the tiller to buy a few more years between varnish jobs.

5. Wires Slapping Inside IMF Mast: Plastic cable ties with their tails not cut off were suggested as a good solution adding little weight aloft. How are they moved into place?

Remove / replace the wire, use string as a drag, 3 ties every 6 inches 120 degree offset, cut them to be ? larger than needed for centering- sharp wire cutters help. They are acting like "springs". Rotate them in. Get the medium weight ties, a bag of 100 should do.

Bill Effros
06 Apr 1999

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