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How have Rhodies handled storage on their boats? We are searching for ways to increase the built-ins and reduce the misc. stuff in the V-berth. Also, the space under the sink is very tall but rather narrow, what containers do people use or what kind of modifications, such as shelves, have been made to the under sink area to use all the head space? Does anyone use anything besides blue rubber maid tubs under the seats?

Jay & Julia

Regarding storage, we used to use the 10" high, 5 gal Rubbermaid "Roughneck" containers for underseat storage. They're not bad; but tend to slip out from under the seat during aggressive sailing. For the past several years, we've used the Cabela's Boundary Waters Bags. They come in two sizes: 22" x 12" x 12" (CH-51-0117-022) for about $25 & 36" x 12" x 16" (CH-51-0117-036) for about $35. Each size bag can be ordered in either Green or Orange. We have both sizes on board Dynamic Equilibrium, but find the larger of the two bags to be the best for underseat storage.

The Boundary Waters Bags are made of a HD nylon reinforced PVC with a wide Velcro storm flap closure over the zipper. There are HD nylon strap handles that completely encircle the bag for extra reinforcement & a snap-on nylon webbing shoulder strap for carrying ashore.

These bags are absolutely waterproof - we also use them for white water canoe trips & camping trips with my Boy Scout troop. The bags are soft & moldable to fit into any nook & cranny & are easy on the toes. We give each member of the crew a large size bag for personal gear. Once stuffed under the seat, the bags don't slip out under any conditions. They also stuff nicely into the odd shaped spaces in the lazarette compartment & under the port side settee & V-berths, with no worries about bilge water sloshing up there.

As far as storage in the cabinet under the galley counter, I installed a Kenyon 2 burner LP gas stove in my galley. The built-in stove plus the slide out heat shield under the stove uses up about 6 inches of height. I found the 10 gal plastic trash container from Sterilite fits nicely in the remaining height. It has locking handles for the lid & the lid seals in trashy odors very well. About 10 years ago, I bought the pots, pans, dishes, glasses, cups & silverware for our boat. The rest of the under-cabinet space has custom racks & bins made from 1/4" marine plywood that fit my particular gear.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium

I think I've come up with a design for the under seat storage. If no one can blow a hole in it, I will install it over the weekend.

The basic idea is to install a bar under the seats, between the cockpit sole and the seats, running parallel with the lip in the cockpit sole.

The bar is a "C-mate system" stainless steel collapsible boat pole. It is basically 41/2 feet of 1-inch rail with 41/2 feet of ?-inch rail sliding inside it. They use stopper buttons to hold it at various lengths and it has the cutest little handles on it.

On each bulkhead I will add plastic blocks about 1 inch thick (2 1/2- inch pieces expoxied together) with a routed hole about 3/4-inch deep. About 8 11/2-inch #8 screws bedded in 3M 4200. A new stopper hole will be drilled to hold the pole in the plastic holes. I might also drill a 5/16" hole for a pin and padlock setup.

I will have in the end (in the Rhodes tradition it has to do a lot):

  • 1) hold-down for under seat storage.
  • 2) lockable under seat storage
  • 3) anti-dive-under-opposite-seat foot rest.
  • 4) 2 boat hook poles
  • 5) 2 mooring hook poles
  • 6) 2 brush poles
  • 7) 2 mop poles
  • 8) 2 net poles
  • 9) 2 scrubber poles
  • 10) 2 squeegee poles
  • 11) 2 gaff hook poles

P.S. one might become a spinnaker/whisker pole when that project comes up.


We have several plastic containers under our seats. For aggressive sailing we have used webbing similar to that used to replace tailgates on pickups. It's easily sewn and snaps on each end make for easy access and no toe jamming.

"Rum Runner"

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