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Rhodes 22


Rowdy Rhodie Survey

Outboard Motors

Let us know about your Outboard Motor. Inquirying minds what to know! Results will be prepared and posted on the web periodically. When you "Submit", then the information is e-mailed.

Manufacturer Honda
Horsepower 4 HP or less    5-6 HP   7-8 HP
9-10 HP   11-15 HP
more than 15 HP (wow!)
Stroke 2    4 HP   none (electric)   
# of Cylinders 1    2    more than 2 (wow!)
none (electric)
Fuel Gas    Diesel    Electric
shaft Regular (short)    Long
Electric Start Pull    Electric
Remote control shifting and/or throttle Yes    No
Motor linked to rudder Yes    No
Fuel Capacity less than 5 gals
5 - 10 gals
Above 10 gals
Age of Motor 0 - 3 Years
4 - 6 Years
7 - 9 Years
10+ years
Annual Hours of Operation (guessimate) less than 50 Hours
51 - 100 Hours
100+ Hours
Satisfaction Great
Mostly happy
Not so happy

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