R 22

Rhodes 22


Table and Stand

You need to get your very own West Marine catalogue so that you can look at what is available. No WM or Boat US store seems to have what I need every time, but the catalogue does. You might have to order parts in. I found a base plate, 9" O.D. with a part number of 361370 and mfg SP-68914. This plate supports a 2" diamater pole. I think it's made by Swivl-Eze. The closest match is probably made by Garelick, on page 773 of WM. Its a "stoable table Pedestal" but they are just showing the full set that consists of the table base, the floor base and the tube. The whole thing goes for $120. You might get the WM people to check their supplier catalogues to see what they can order in to match your needs. You might need to take the table base off the table and take it with you for the store to look at.

Alex Bell
29 Jan 2003

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