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I have old tires and wheels on an otherwise good trailer under my R22. The tires are F78X14 bias belted trailer tires with a load range of "B" which translates to 1310 lbs each. What I want to do is replace the old rusty wheels with 15" wheels and put some brand new Goodyear P225-75R15 radials on which have a load rating up to 1874 lbs each. I have checked the clearance under the fenders and there is no physical problem with size there. Anybody have any thoughts on my plans?

Fair Winds,
Bob Hendrickson
SV Getaway
13 Sep 2002

Sounds like you're buying tires designed for a passenger (p) car. The tires you want will be ST 225 x 75R-15 (special trailer). These tires are designed for use on trailers and will have a higher weight capacity and a stiffer sidewall than the passenger car tires you are contemplating. The Goodyear ST 225 x 75R-15 tires on our trailers are rated at 2250 lbs. A more realistic rating for the 4200 lb. (give or take) load you are carrying. I'm surprised that your Goodyear dealer hasn't mentioned these to you.

Hope this helps,
13 Sep 2002

You cannot put those tires on your trailer (Goodyear P225-75R15). These tires are radial tires designed for passenger cars only.....thus the prefix "P". These tires have sidewall characteristics which will make your trailer unstable at speed......wandering and severe sway. The correct tires...if you switch over from the belted tires to radials as you have indicated must have the prefix "ST" for special trailer. The corrcet tires would thus be ST225-75R 15 (EZ Loader recommended a load rating of "C or D if the trailer is single axled"). I personally stayed with the belted tires because it was $85 per tire versus $250. The tires I went with were ST225-75 15 9 ply belted.

13 Sep 2002

There has been some discussion about tires recently. I just found the information I got from the Goodyear store. ST225/75R15D are rated at 2,540 lbs each at 65 PSI. Price I got including mounting and balancing was $209.00 for both. They travel 738 revolutions per mile.

18 Oct 2002

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