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Tools & Spares

Spares: I carry a multiples of every nut, bolt pin and clip I've found on the boat. Spare spark plugs, and starting rope too. As spares, I have bulbs for every light on the boat and an ample selection of Ancor marine connectors and adhesive shrink wrap. As far as tools go, Sears has started marketing a whole series of tools which are multi-purpose/size. I think this is the way to go. They aren't stainless steel, but will help containthe size of your tool box.

My 16 inch toolbox has a small ratchet set which uses multi-size sockets (sold at many KMart stores), a pair of channel locks, a pair of vise grips, one Stanley screw driver with magnetic bits and a pair of electrical/jewelry sized screw drivers-flat and philips, and an 8 inch Adjustable Wrench. I also carry several strips of emory cloth, a butane soldering iron/rope cutter,a hack saw with extra/different blades and a combination rasp/ file.

Electrical wire cutter/.stripper and a small pair of wire cutters. Also included are a compact 12 ft tape measure and plastic nut/bold sizing gage and plastic measuring caliper. I carry a sail repair kit which was an off-the-shelf item at West Marine. Partial/ small rolls of electrical, duct & Sail tape are also onboard.

I sail in fresh water and haven't experienced any trouble with rust, however I do spray sheets of paper shop towels with WD40 and place a sheet in the bottom of the box as well as wrap all cutting tools in a sprayed sheet. This doesn't leave the tools oily when using them, but does seem to stop/reduce corrosion.

Probably the two tools I should have but don't are a hammer and large wire/cable cutters. A hand powered drill brace and bits has also been suggested to me. I've also put together a kit of rechargable tools that I take to the marina often. They are Black & Decker using the small cylindrical batteries. With four fresh batteries, I've been able to comlete every project tackled so far. The kit contains a 3/8 drill, saber saw that looks more like a reciprocating saw and a small sander.

They are priced such that it wouldn't be tragedy if one.....oops. ( I do tie a lanyard on them when using them on the boat.) Oh yes, several rigging knives with marlin spike and shackle key. The spares are in compartmentalized storage boxes in the drawer under the companionway step and the tool box is in the V-berth storage area.

Bruce, hope this give you a place to start.

Dan Bodnar

I have a Fiskars drill which is a minature brace & bit drill. It came with 4 drill bits that are stored with a wide rubber band on it's shaft body. It is quite small, but really works well.

I would defenitely get a hammer. After all, it's the purcussion adjuster most favored by the true sailor.

02 Feb 2001

The following is a bare bones list:

Tool kit

  • 3 sizes Phillips screwdrivers
  • 4 sizes flat screwdrivers
  • Assorted pliers, both normal and needlenose
  • adjustable wrenches 1 each size from 4 inch to 12 inch.
  • 1 monster channel lock plier
  • Utillity knife
  • rigger's knife with marlainspike and shackle buster
  • Plastic or electrical tape
  • rigger's tape
  • tube of silicone sealant
  • #2 pencils
  • segmented box for holding small hardware
  • spark plug wrench to fit your engine.
  • extra shear pins to fit your engine

I'm sure other folks will add to this. This is what I'd take as a minimum to make a repair off shore, and get me back home.

CPT Richard F. Sheehan
02 Feb 2001

Most of us carry more tools and spare parts on our boats than Stan keeps on hand at the factory. I've spent the past 2 years taking tools and parts off the boat. Stuff ages quickly in that environment. You'd be surprised at how much more space you have for things you use on a daily basis. It takes less time to make a WM run than to find a part on board. As usual, I'm with Rummy on this one. WM sells a little toolkit for $10 that has everything you need inside. I found with all my specialty tools and parts on board I would always go to the little toolkit first because it always had what I needed and I didn't have to worry about dropping something expensive overboard. I liked it so much I bought one for each of my cars.

Bill Effros

Easy solution on the tool kit....just buy one from a marine dealer with a case. Then start adding as you find a need for more things. You will be amazed by what you will accumulate.


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