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I have a question for the list that I'm sure someone (or many ones) has an answer for. While thinking of upgrades for this coming season I considered an asymmetrical or cruising spinnaker. I remember a few people talking about flying one awhile back.

My question is how have people rigged the halyard on the R22. A quick inspection tonight of the masthead hanging in the garage reveals two sheaves, one used for the main halyard and one for the topping lift (at least on a conventional main). Has anyone rigged another block at the head? I have considered converting the topping lift to dead-ending at the masthead and running it through a block at the end of the boom to a cleat on the boom. This would free up a sheave. Comments are welcome.

Dave Walker
s/v Windswept

You're on the right track with your boom topping lift idea. I took a SS tang, drilled it out for the hole in the end of the boom and mounted a Harken 423 Cam-Matic cleat and a Harken 284 micro wire fairlead on the tang.

Then, I bent the tang so the topping lift from the masthead was led fairly into the cam cleat. This way, you don't need a block on the end of the boom. My boom topping lift is dead-ended at the masthead and is adjusted with the cam cleat on the end of the boom. I've been sailing with this setup for about 11 seasons now.

This will free up a pair of sheaves in the masthead for your spinnaker halyard. The masthead sheaves will work just fine for a halyard for an asymmetrical spinnaker. For a tri-radial spinnaker, you will also need a "spinnaker crane" at the masthead to get the halyard out in front of the roller-furler.

Roger Pihlaja
S/V Dynamic Equilibrium

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