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Yesterday, when heading to the lake, we stopped by our favorite grain and feed store and had the rig weighed. The 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, the Rhodes 22 and the Triad dual axle trailer weighed in at 9,280#.

Today I took the jeep and the trailer back and had them individually weighed. The Triad trailer, all by itself is 1,300#. The Jeep is 4,300#.

That means the Rhodes 22 with 8 hp Honda motor, 2 1/2 gallons of gas and NO Water in the water thank, but the normal gear weighed in at 3770#.

To put it another way, we are towing a 4,980# rig. If we filled the water tank with 3 gallons of water, or took any extras, like food and drink aboard (as in our trip to Ky Lake) we would easily top the 5,000# payload.

Food for thought when selecting a tow vehicle. Add to the equation the water levels in our lake (and from what I hear, a lot of other lakes) which all 4 wheels in the gravel past the actual launch ramp and I would seriously hesitate trying to launch and tow without 4wd.

05 Aug 2000

How did the door sticker compare to the SUV weight?, It just seem a little high, I always thought about 850# for the single, 3200 for the boat, 150-350# for "motor and stuff" for about 4200-4400 pounds+-, could the dual picked up 450#, sure and could the boat picked up 570# maybe, but they sniff a light high

07 Aug 2000

"Blew Daze tips the scales at around 3,700# with all equipment, engine, gas tank, water tank, etc. filled and ready for sailing."

Raven weighed in at 4080# at the end of a season, no motor, a little gas and a little water, less 950# for the trailer (single axle). Makes her 3130#. 15 g of water would be 120# and the motor & gas probably another 100# = 3350#.

Does Blew Daze have the marine head? Raven has a porta-potti which probably weighs less. That gives you 350# of redundancy, unless from '88 to '95 maybe the layup or the ballast increased.

Stan, any comments on weight changes?

Gary Sanford
S/V Raven
21 Mar 2001

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