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Transom Ladder

Hello, I'm an owner of an older Rhodes that has no transom ladder. I'm contemplating buying a swim ladder to mount on the back. For those of you that have a transom ladder would there be any thing different you would like see added to or modified to enhance the usefulness of your ladder?

My Rhodes has the standard stern rail with no opening for an entry from a transom hung ladder and therefore would have to climb over it to enter and disembark. For those of you that have this type of arrangement is it a pain?(figuratively or literally, whichever). Don't laugh, do you feel there should be an extra step mounted on the stern between the top step (when deployed) and the top of the transom to facilitate easier boarding? Does a 4-step ladder enter the water sufficiently for climbing onto and off? Would a removable ladder with small mounts left attached to the stern be more aesthetically pleasing by leaving an uncluttered transom? If any one has thoughts on this I'd appreciate hearing them, Thanks,

Richard Day
14 Feb 2001

I am looking forward to a recycled rhodes which should be ready in April, so I can't give you specifics about the rhodes, but I did have a '69 Columbia 22' which had a stern pulpit with no opening and I installed a boarding ladder, which worked well. I got the ladder from Tops In Wuality in Michigan and I beleve their name says it all. If you want to get in touch with them call (810) 364-7925. I explored temporary ladders and felt they were inadequate, I got a ladder which was long enough so that it extended one foot below the surface. It was perfect for me and supported my 225 lbs with ease.

Skipper Ken
14 Feb 2001

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